Beach by Trevor-Fox



6 March 2019 at 06:06:59 MST

Some more painting practice, this time with a beach.

I suppose I've tried to copy some of the style of the landscape paintings that Nanny used to create. It's relaxing to just brush over a canvas and let whatever happens, happen. It just takes shape as you keep brushing.

I miss Nanny a lot. And I wish I could talk to her. I know that I've always been interested in drawing, but I've never known how to talk about it. Not until I hit around 24 or so. But once I felt like I knew how to talk about it, she was already gone.

I'd really like her advice. To talk about techniques. To discuss how passionate I am about art and comic creation. To ask her what she enjoyed in painting. I want to talk about color theory and inspiration. When and why she picked up the brush. What drove her to create. What drives me to create.

Now that I know what to say, I can't even say it. I really miss her, and I would just like to know what she thinks about stuff like this and my art in general. It would be nice to hear what she would say.

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