Audri Sketch by ToxicAudri

Audri Sketch


2 June 2016 at 04:51:42 MDT

A good friend of mine egyptiandragon1 egyptiandragon1 made this for me as a gift.

Thank you Sachi <3

She is doing Sketch commissions if anyone is interested in getting their own, link down below :3

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    Sachi did a really pretty job on this! :D

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      She really did, I love it ^w^

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        Yay! :D

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          If you know anyone looking for quick sketches Sachi has been looking for takers.

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            I will keep that in mind! I know it's 'con season as I imagine commissions are running a bit dry for everyone lately....... @_@

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              Yeah that's true too x.x

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                And apparently there are many people having issues getting into their FA accounts since they came back up. I've noticed two artists who rely on FA have been overloading uploads here to get attention, complaining they can't get into their accounts...... :/

                That happens when you rely on one single site for business.

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                  Yeah, that's true, there are still many people locked out of their accounts, it's just like I said, its quickly become an issue just like it was with the trouble tickets, not enough staff to go around.

                  And also many artists that put all their eggs in one basket.

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                    It may be a pain, but...........artists who rely on art as a business, they can't focus on one single place. They just can't. Even if "FA is where I get the most commissions" is their excuse, they can't just put full focus and promotion on that site alone. Because then things like this happen. And it's not just artists that can't get into their accounts, but those who commission those artists as well.

                    There is one artist I follow is one who promotes herself on EVERY site...and she takes the time to respond to people on EVERY site. I think that's someone who deserves her massive following and probably every single commission she gets............because she's not limiting herself to "where the most people are". :)