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Hellow! Um... What can I say about me?
I'm someone very shy (also have some anxiety) but I'm always here for my friends... I have some anger issues but it's all good... I'm someone very sensitive and try all my best to cheer up eveyone!
I have some projects in mind, I'm writting in story! ( )
I have a "normal" DeviantART account called Little-Vlad and also an Age Regressor account called SinnamonVlad [and let's put the thing clear CG/Lre is NOT part of the DDLG community, thank you! I don't Age Play because I'm a minor and sexual interaction doesn't interest me so far ^^ )

what I like: bunnies, pizza, Russia, NKVD( fassination doesn't mean support), World Wars stories, being in a Littlespace, Pacifiers, sippycups, glitch stuff, cute stuff, pastel goth, aesthetic, alternative rock, Set It Off, Fall Out Boy...

what I don't like : Racisme, homo/transphobia, people saying "genderlfuid isn't real" or "CG/L promote pedophelia" or "demi is not a gender", when people fake an age regressing, pink, autobus, wearing shoes, open doors, loud kids,...

I can speak...
English (more American than British), Spanish
Chinese, Italian
-+- Randome words/wants to learn more-+-
Russian (ofc), Serbian, German

My friendos here!

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I'm writting a stowy!

on 10 July 2018 at 10:58:37 MDT

And I wanted to share it with you!
To make short, it's a story with my OC Siber and Carson's OC, James.
Siber is a young soviet soldier working as a People's Commissariat* for Internal Affairs, on the head of the NKVD.
(People's Commissariat= Minister during the soviet politic )
He's known in his job to be one of the youngest but also the cruelest. Indeed, he loves torturing and he says a job is well done if he has blood on him. He's also anti-American and would torture one of them with pleasure if he could.
On the other side, we have James. He was part of the American Force and was spying East Berlin and their politic. However, he hasn't been warned about the wall and none was so he has been traped in East Berlin. He'll try to pretend he was interested by the politic and will try to make like nobody know who he really is...
Randomly they'll both meet... and it'll be a shocking surprise.
Finding out he's part of the American Force, Siber will first decide to bring him into a concentration camp... But will let him go just before. Siber will also learn a lot of things about the politic on West Berlin and will learn his murders/tortures and other were something wrong. They will also get closer and closer and will even, secretly, date
Step by step, he'll be against the governement and will be ready for everything to set James free and even set everyone free...

Lil' fact: When Siber knew the truth of his action, he started to get a depression, and will feel hunted by the souls he tortured/killed. He will be scared of his own job he loved and will want to espace from this life [not dying, just escape from the government and all] To cope with his state of mind and to try to forget all this slaughter, he'll get into Littlespace, with James as his CareGiver, which will help him a lot! (being a Little myself, I really had too x) )
Other Lil' Fact: "Siber" is actually not his true name, this is a shorter and more masculine name for "Siberia" where there're a lot of kulaks. But in the "true" universe where Siber is just a Russian teen who moved in USA to escape his abusive mom, it's his true name xD ""

With it, I did a contest where people can draw a book cover or even draw some page doll~ So far, I posted the "first" chapter aka the begining, it stops right before the disruptive element! So yeah... the contest has not a lot of entries but some really like it! (I had a lot of support in the comment, Discord and via notes too ;;-;; <3 )
First part =>
Contest => (you're not forced to be on dA to participate, just tell it and I'll write down your username. It doesn't matter ^^ )

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