I will be posting my best work here - these will range from sketches to completed pieces, and will include commission work, fanart and original characters.

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Hello again

on 31 January 2014 at 19:08:38 MST

So I heard about that Chrome extension that lets you crosspost from other sites... even though Chrome isn't my main browser, I thought I'd check it out and update my gallery. (The things I do for love)

Annoyingly, I'm finding quite a few bugs with Weasyl that still deter me from making it my main gallery. For one, I am unable to clear my notifications for some reason. For another, I can't seem to crosspost the first link I clicked when I was logged out and was directed to the Weasyl page that told me to log on. Even though I am now logged in, and have hard refreshed the page, Weasyl still thinks I am not logged in. :T

The way Weasyl handles journals is also kinda weird...

I noticed some of you have already found me without me having to make a bloody journal entry about it (I suppose since Weasyl is linked on my FA profile) but since we're here now, would you like to see anything special for watching me here? Maybe along the lines of Weasyl-exclusive adoptables and YCHs?

ETA: It seems removing notifications works fine in Firefox, but not in Chrome. Sigh...

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