Snackat Species Guide by tooiebird

Snackat Species Guide


10 June 2015 at 18:58:59 MDT

Here is the species guide for Snackats!
Featuring my snackat, Kona. He loves pineapples!

  • About Snackats

    Snackats are creatures that love to dress up as their favorite snack! Each snackat makes their outfit by hand (paw) and only makes one outfit to wear. They also wear perfume to smell like their food of choice and often collect items associated with their snack! They are generally friendly and love to show off their costumes and collections.

  • Snackat Traits
    They only have 1-3 different colors in their fur and usually simple fur patterns. Their costume designs can get a bit more complex however, depending on how much skill and effort they put into making it.
    Most, if not all snackats have at least one common trait in their design. Uncommon and rare traits can be bought if you'd like to make your own and adopts that I make may have some as well. Please be respectful of this.
    Uncommon traits are $4 and rare traits are $8 if you wish to buy traits. When making your own snackat, you may either have 2 uncommon traits or 1 uncommon/1 rare trait per character.

  • Owning a Snackat
    Snackats are a SEMI-OPEN species; meaning you can make one for free using the common traits only.
    There can be more than one snackat with the same favorite food. Please try to make them different though, either with the snackats markings or differences in the costume (for example: a slice of cheese pizza vs a slice of pepperoni pizza, etc)

  • I will be keeping an official list of snackats that I have approved of along with who owns them. I will not approve of snackats that do not follow the species guidelines. To get a snackat design approved just mention me in the submission or send me a note if you have any questions.

  • You cannot sell snackats that you make; you may resell ones that you buy for up to the amount that you pay for.

Snackat species was created by me (tooiebird)

Have fun!!

I will try to update this with more info as needed.

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