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Uncommon knowledge by Tonin

Uncommon knowledge

Uncommon knowledge

Surely you've heard that wolves, we all are evil
That our hearts are black as coal and hard as stone
No, there's nothing like the life of evil
To love only yourself and self alone

Surely you've heard that wolves, we can't be trusted
That we lie and trick and steal and fleece and cheat
Just ask the lambs how well their trust did
When given to a master of deceit

Surely you've heard that wolves, we eat your children
That we come for them like shadows in the night
No, there's nothing like the blood of children
Seasoned with the heady taste of fright

Surely you've heard that wolves, we must be hunted
That to hate us is the only course to take
Oh, how safe you'll feel once we are hunted
No cause to toss and turn and lie awake

Surely you've heard enough now to be certain
That wolves, we all are rotten, through and through
Don't listen to the lies we're ever sowing
The time has come to cleave to what is true
Believe me, you'll sleep better never knowing
Just what it is we wolves have heard of you

~Tonin, November 29 2020

Uncommon knowledge


6 December 2020 at 18:21:52 MST

Looks like I missed Wolfenoot this year, but here's a wolfy thing anyhow.

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