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on 22 February 2014 at 16:13:40 MST

[I'll just put copy down the journal from FA x3]

I am 18 now

It is 00:00 at the moment here, and I am alone, sitting on my computer.... yaaaay? ._.
Well, I am 18 now ^^. But I don't really feel like 18, yet. I guess that might change from time to time :3.

Different news: My computer is finished. I only need to transfer the old data to my now computer. But afterwards I am ready to do "art" again (if you can call it that...... I doubt so x3).

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    Thanks for the fave! :=~

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    thanks for the follow and fave :3

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    Well, im glad you made the account here :D I was sad for leaving so many friends back on FA, but eh, it happens, right? Still, ill be looking forward to what you do here :3

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      Thank you so much^^
      Leaving FA is understandable, after all what happened. And I do not only mean what happened recently, but I mean how the admins on FA handle things in general.
      By the way. It will take some time until I will be able to post anything here. My computer broke some time ago, and I need to wait until my birthday (I will get a new computer then. Yay x3) until I will be able to draw again x3 (or until I can acces my older drawings).

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        Thats why i refused to go back. I was checking up now and then to talk to friends (like once or twice a week) but then i saw there first "apology" journal, and the second one was no better than the first :T It sucks because FA is what got me open to the furry community. Before FA i knew one, maybe two other furries besides myself, so i made a lot of friends there. Some moved here as well, but not all of my friends have a weasyl account so i had to leave those few D: Ah well. Do you have a laptop picked out for your birthday? :O

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          FA is what actually broughed me into the fandom. I can't say that the people there are bad (because some are really nice x3), but the administration is going "bloagh" in the past time x3.
          I am not thinking of leaving FA right now, since I see no reason why (at least no reason that would be "strong" enough for me x3), but a lot of the artists I was watching left FA and switeched over to Weasyl :/.
          I was not able to have real contact via FA, and I doubt it will be any different here. So it won't change much for me :/.

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            Nha, i get it :3 The admins there really just pissed me off with the whole thing. That, and the amount of trolls that were never taken care of, and all the unanswered reports people (including me) have filed. I wish the mods and admins did their jobs right on FA D: Oh ok, some how my brain read laptop instead of computer XD Then i hope you can get it fixed super soon and easily :3 I do prefer laptops, but only because they are portable

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          Oh, and no. I do not have a laptop. My computer is already behind me... but still in pieces. I have to put it together myself (with the help of someone) x3.
          Do you prefer laptops?