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Lithe in Trouble by Todex

Lithe in Trouble


2 April 2015 at 08:47:32 MDT

Original Creation Date: February 15th, 2015

Entering restricted areas can be tricky, but it can also be outright dangerous if they happen to be guarded by drones or bots! D:<
Which is something that poor, yet sufficiently armored Lithe is gonna find out very soon!

Platinum commish for the gentlemannish and very patient Mr.  lithelizard lithelizard , featuring his own armored self. :D

And don'tcha worry, he surely won't have to leave the place with severe injuries P: If he manages to get the hell outta there!
His armor is based on that Vanquish game (PS3/360, 2010), because that is one of Mr. Lithe's favorites in terms or power armor. With some adaptations of course since it needs to fit a lizardish head and tail and because I didn't copy some details 1:1 . :]
The two bots/drons heating up their weaponry and aiming are of my own design, based on refs that Litheman provided. Safe to assume that they're networked for maximum targeting efficiency. 8D

This commish took much time and effort, but it is good to keep one's skills sharp from time to time. Hitechy armor is especially unforgiving to inaccuracies, so that is helpful XD
Should have had this done months ago, but things always got in the way! So I'm glad it is done at last before poor Mr. Lithe man grows a beard and turns into an old gramps and falls into a grave. :D


Lithe is © lithelizard

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    This piece is brilliant in so many ways. I'm a little surprised it hasn't gotten more comments yet! For shame.

    For one, I love the tricky perspective and composition you used and gives a great sense of precarious tension. I'm not going to lie though and say that my favorite aspect is how you rendered that armor. But it's also the lighting, the effects, it's everything I love in sci fi art.

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      Mmhm there is definitely too little scifi art overall indeed! Thanks!

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    Thanks a lot for this one. Fantastic piece of art, I still love the design you came up with on the helmet and the green accents on the suit itself.

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      AaAaahhh there you are! Gooddie then I'mma put the right link to yer profile here on Weasyl into the text~