Dear Moom, We've Baked a Cake for you! by TKay

Dear Moom, We've Baked a Cake for you!


25 April 2013 at 17:47:32 MDT

And this is why you don't stuff a fluffy cat into a cake.

Since Moom turned 26 the other day, I decided to draw him a little something. Unfortunately, though rather consistently, I overshot his birthday and finished this late. So happy belated by a day birthday gift Moom!

I really wish I could have had more time to get this to a polished level, but with my own deadlines looming I had to get this done as fast as I could. Next year I will be on top of things, I swear!

And yes, this is rated G because Aura is covered in fluff and thus doesn't have anything showing

Aura © Moomanibe

Katie & Artwork © TKay

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    Finally! someone who makes sense about this whole cake stripper thing. also, isn't the cake suppose to have a hollow center so the "person" could pop out easily... how the heck do you bake a cake around someone without cooking them!? o.o

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    Hahaha, very nice. Typically there's a lid and a hallow center for a person to hide in.

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    cool men haha this is a new ingredient XD