Struggling writer of furry science fiction: I have settings, characters, and a herd of plot complications for a series of novels about swashbuckling anthropomorphic wolf space cadets in space. I love nerdy, elfin boys with glasses, literacy, brains, erudition, humor, compassion, kinkiness ... If you want to draw my character in some vanilla or sci-fi setting, please have at it! Gimme a shout when you've posted it. If you want to draw my character in a kinky setting, please let's discuss it first.

Q: What do I write about?
My biggest project is about anthropomorphic wolves from a planet where the main culture just reached Enlightenment (our 1600 and 1700s) when they made contact with the galactic civilization. Over the next two generations they become a spacefaring race. Imagine if you could go down to the Toyota dealership and buy an interplanetary shuttle for a five year loan … and your grandparents lived in the middle ages. One story arc is about the guy who made interstellar contact, who discovers that someone, a character of Kyroraz's, has been on his planet already and is responsible for barbecue sauce.
Another story arc is about two of his grandsons and their friends and nemeses who all go off and join the brand new Space Academy. They are swashbuckling anthropomorphic space cadets in space; they provide the characters and Kyroraz's RP world provides the setting for their space-opera adventures. A commissioned piece by Endium in my Gallery illustrates what happens to one of the grandsons at the Space Academy. They eventually end up at another one of Kyroraz's worlds, Black Gazza. There are plenty of images about that place on FA.
Hidden in that question is what my fetishes are. I'd say look at my favorites and see whom I follow. I've written about fetishes that I don't actively like and gotten reasonably good responses. At The Fox Hunt this year I read aloud a dirty story about space cadets getting sealed into space suits capable of handling their biological needs for upwards of a week. Think for a moment about why that's dirty.

Most recently I wrote a mystery story that I have submitted for inclusion in the FurCon 2015 con book. I'm all on the edge of my seat waiting for news on that. Out of courtesy I won't publish it here.

Q: Do I take requests?
Hmm! That's an even more interesting question. I suppose that in a way I do. I have been given ideas to write about, and I have sketches for story ideas based on scenarios from Kyroraz. And the FC15 story submission is a kind of request in that they wanted people to submit stories to fit their theme for this year, and I took on the challenge and wrote my first mystery.
The short answer is Yes.
The long answer is that I won't guarantee that I'll take on any particular project. General requests such as "Would you write a story about such-and-such" may or may not spark my interest, and I can't possibly guarantee that you'll like the result. If I don't take on the project, then you're in the same tough pickle you're in now: you have an idea but no one has written it for you.
My dream is to be published for real, and perhaps even for money. If I should be so lucky as to receive a request for a fanzine I'd certainly put effort into it! If you have a request, post it here.




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on 17 January 2015 at 00:54:12 MST

Over the past few months I've published some stories on FA. They've received a lot of read-hits, but no commentary; nothing that would help me improve my writing. I hope to attract some readers of the kinds of fiction I want to write, ones who will encourage me two rite more and who will tell me how I can become a better writer. So I've republished the stories here. The London Murder Mystery store didn't make it into the con book, so I've published it here again. I am, however, mostly interested in my Space Cadets. I have a story under development now where a flight of them gets into trouble on an interplanetary journey.

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