Small Neighbor Disturber by Tiido

Small Neighbor Disturber


24 August 2014 at 12:19:15 MDT

This is the amplifier itself ! It has taken me some two days to design and build it, it is functionally complete though some things could be adjusted.

The housing originally belonged to a car bass amp thatwanted to study how fish live... it was in a car that ended up in bottom of a lake when it crunched through ice hahahahaha. Most of the original PCB was rusty and many components fuxxed so repairs weren't really worthwhile, but now I managed to use some of that thing ^^
The transformer is from a dead Radiotehnika U-101-1 amplifier. I wish I didn't throw the chassis away, it would have been able to house this amp perfectly, and look like an amp too hahahaha.

Tomorrow I'll visit my old work place and drill some holes so I can secure the transformer. Tomorrow I'll also test out its power output, it should be able to give out fair bit considering 66V power rail :D

Next photos are going to show the building process.

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