T-01SND-A by Tiido



24 August 2014 at 12:03:40 MDT

I present the "Small Neighbor Disturber" aka small amplifier to power my Radiotehnika S-30B speakers I use as computer speakers.

It is a pretty straightforward design with all the essentials plus enough power to make the overload LEDs blink on the speakers I made the amp for :P

This is the ideal version though, my actual implementation is missing few things near mains input and the stuff at final output between the LM3886 and speaker connectors.

Photos of the actual build come shortly !

Any questions and comments welcome !

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    So did you originate this design or is this from tracing what you already had for the circuit board? :O

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      The tone control was inspired by a diagram in one book of mine, rest is original but this is really very basic stuff, it just looks somewhat impressive hhahahaahahaha.
      The schematic was drawn after I had finished the amp too, my general work flow is highly experimental - I have the general stuff laid out but the rest comes out by finetuning things like resistor values that are unknowns at the beginning.

      I am currently uploading photos of the process, you'll find them in the folder this schematic is in.

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        Awesome! I'm looking into getting into more of this stuff myself as I have two big projects that could benefit greatly from some amplifier knowledge: one of them is a Video Game Arcade Cabinet that I'm building (have a cabinet, just need to custom-design the innards), and the second is a robotic fur-suit type thing that I'm going to need to do some voice-changing and amplification on (so people can hear me) I just can't draw a lot of power since I'll have a power-pack, but obviously not unlimited.

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          For the arcade cabinet you should look at stuff aimed at car stereos. Those chips are easy to use and will work fine with 12V that you have available on the PSU. They don't require many external components either.

          For the fursuit you'll want to look at class-D type amp designs or chips, since they are very power efficient. Texas Instruments sells some cool chips and there's plenty of things on ebay for cheap using them.

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    Nice. That's all I got for ya. I don't know how I got here, but I'm glad I did.