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Lavender Field by Tiger

Lavender Field


For Jay_Pawlender over on fA!

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Visual / Digital


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    I've always loved the old-school dithered pixel shading you use!

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      Thanks so much! Unfortunately I likely won't be doing this type of art much longer :( But! Time will see. :D

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        Aw, that's a bummer! I can't blame you, though. I imagine it takes a very long time to work with.

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          Actually, it's a tool in the program I used to make the image, called PaintBBS, which is an oekaki applet. It's called the tones feature- the higher the value, the more dots, and the more solid the brush. Lesser value means fewer dots so it's a little more "transparent". I just make a gradient palette and start with higher tones and work down to smaller values from there. The thing is, I had to shut down my personal oekaki due to financial reasons, and Java will eventually be releasing a security patch that will essentially shut down all oekakis. I don't know when it is though, so some places are still open and the applets usable. So I might be able to do some more tones work, hopefully!

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            Oh! That's...Really cool, actually! Sucks about the Java update, but I'm sure there will be Oekaki applets tweaked or re-written to work with the new patch! I'd be very surprised if there wasn't.

            I could have sworn there was an offline computer art program with a similar feature, but unfortunately I can't recall which. Sorry!

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              Tweaked oekaki applets would be fantastic! I think you're right, we'll likely see some applets pop up maybe not soon but sometime in the future.

              And it's all good! If you happen to think of it let me know, that sounds like a very cool program!

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    That is so neat! I love that brush can you download that kind?

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      Thanks! And this brush in particular, no, it's only available in oekaki applets, mainly PaintBBS.