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Ykarin by TideKeeper



An experimental portrait of a new-ish character by the name Ykarin.

I was trying out a couple of techniques with this one, and overall I have mixed feelings about the turnout... But I learned some things and got to play around a bit with a new face, which is always fun. :D

As for Ykarin himself, there might be more of him to be seen at a later time. For now, I'll just say he's a jerkass and needs to be socked in the nose.

Ykarin belongs to TideKeeper.
Do not steal him. I'll slap you across the face with a mackerel.

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    Ugh.... I don't think I'd wanna deck him in the face.. something tells me it would not go well for me after that. ^^; Very beautiful looking guy, though in an eerie sort of way - perhaps the way his ears ark up like that.

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      Hmm, you're probably right... :'s Still, somebody ought to do it someday. He definitely has it coming.

      Thanks so much! Satellite dish ears, yay! Haha~

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        Hmm... well, does he have nice feet? Maybe there's a chance of reforming him. :3

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          Haha~ He's got some odd feet; I'll have to post a fullbody view of him sometime soon. :'3

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            Uh oh... odd feet doesn't sound promising. XD

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              Not odd in a bad way, I hope~ lol

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                Heh - hope not. :P Will have to wait and see. :)

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                  I'm working on something that should hopefully display his feet... If nothing else, I'll clean up the fullbody ref I hashed out and post that, haha~
                  Happy Halloween! :D

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                    Oops, I'm a day late, but aye, Happy Hallowe'en! And Samhain too. ^_^