Alternate Universe Kappa and Foxie by Tica

Alternate Universe Kappa and Foxie


9 July 2013 at 21:24:51 MDT

What would Kappa and Foxie be like if Foxie were the anthropomorphic one and Kappa were the feral one?

They would still be a Superheroine duo, but Foxie would be the face of the team, and Kappa the sidekick. However, Kappa would still be bigger than Foxie, being a lioness! Their relationship would be much the same: Kappa being older, wiser, bigger, and more protective; Foxie being quick, sly, and resourceful. And of course, Kappa would find no need for clothing, whereas Foxie would wear some: she'd stay barefoot, like anthro Kappa does, but rather than wearing a uniform she'd wear simple bike shorts and tank tops. Here she is wearing a white tank top, but I imagine she'd have multiple color choices in her closet.

Rather than primarily flying about fighting supervillains and stopping crimes, they would be more of a, idk, Scooby-Doo type of mystery-solving and exploring duo, performing random acts of kindness where needed, chasing monsters out of haunted houses, that kind of thing.

Here they are crossing a rickety wooden bridge over a river to their next mysterious destination.

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