Spirit Bear by Thornwolf

Spirit Bear


27 February 2016 at 14:00:40 MST

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This piece has been in my sketchbook since last year, and I've finally been able to finish it. I had always intended it to be a white black bear (yes, they exist!) aka, a "Spirit Bear", but the otherworldly elements came in rather organically as I began to paint, so I just ran with it. The original (watercolor with some colored pencil accents) has some iridescent elements, but most of these glowing effects were accomplished simply with paint (or lack thereof) and some colored pencil highlights.

Special Dedication
The night I began painting I learned that a friend from a social circle I've regrettably fallen out of touch with had passed away quite suddenly. While it's pure coincidence that this subject is also that of his avatar, a bear, I'd like to think that this piece became what it wanted to become, a memorial for him. So, I'd like to dedicate this piece to Jon/Kit/GrumblyGrolar. You left a bear-shaped hole in our lives that can never be filled, we'll miss you.

Prints Available
The original is already spoken for, but a hand-embellished limited edition (one of two) print is sale. It is printed on the same watercolor paper the original was painted on, and is quite iridescent in person. Here's a tweet I made of it, hopefully you can see the shimmer:
Regular prints of this piece are available in my shop here:http://thornwolf.storenvy.com

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