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Light Burns by The-Zombie-Cat

Light Burns


next slot was snagged by Estra ^^;

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    She looks gorgeous!

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    She’s absolutely stunning, her design has always been immaculate, and those effects on her hand are wonderful! Do you think she’ll remain more ‘mellow’ after seeing D’naar’s torment, or do you think she’ll harden off again?

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      aw thank you dear :) <3 I had nearly forgotten about the light burns with everything else that has happened to everyone XD so when i remembered ofc I had to draw it up to have a more permanent reminder ^^; as for how she'll be, I think she's mostly back to normal.. but some places do remain 'hard', but for different reasons ^^; like I said she's kind of afraid to lift the condition she placed on Ember because she's worried Ember would actively seek revenge now ^^; which to her credit, Ember absolutely would ^^;

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        Welcome :) I’m not surprised hun, a lot has happened in that RP :) I do like the cracks of light through her arm, though of course I don’t like the idea of the poor dear hurting xx I’m glad she’s reverting back towards her usual self, it seemed much more stressful for her to be so angry and bitter. I understand her not wanting to risk it, but can Ember do much against the Lady of Shadow? Or is that part of the vague fan plan?!

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          oh indeed ^^; aw thank you dear I understand what you mean :) I do like it as a neat design addition but yeah it's gotta sting a bit ^^;
          oh Ember wouldn't stand a chance as she is currently ^^; but if Estra allowed her to ascend again she could climb the ladder all over again and strike Estra unawares or make alliagiances and.. well like Mika threatened before, it wouldn't take much to harm a baby... I don't think Ember would stoop to that, though