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Fae / Forestborne by The-Zombie-Cat

Fae / Forestborne


ok so sketchy quality just to get it out visually but I was distracting myself from my grief earlier by thinking over/jotting notes on what Gaia's immortal following is like. I can't go into heavy detail because I lack the desire to type it all in depth but here are my bulletpoints:

  • the name they call themselves are Fae and/or Forestborne depending on the individual.

  • they are very few in number (comparatively to the Angels and Demons anyhow) because most of the rebellions/deflections were Angels falling to become Demons. very few sought out and followed the third option in following the third sister. maybe 20 archangels, tops, became Fae/forestborne and then they bred to create more through the years, but their number still pales in comparison to the immortals of the other two realms

  • due to the low number and good disguises, many don't truly know they even exist

  • their true forms and half forms have bug likeness. typically useful and/or nature-centered bugs like dragonflies, honey bees, and butterflies (the ones I chose to picture) but any insect is possible (I am ofc brewing up a thought for a dark fae who takes the form of a mosquito or something- still undecided but ofc I need a gothic one)

  • they differ GREATLY to demons so much so that they're near opposites. Demons are typically bigger=more powerful but with Fae their power makes them smaller. less noticeable as well as more impervious to attack (like a hard magical shell that's stronger the smaller they are) - Demons can only be killed in their true forms via blade removal but fae can only be killed in their humanoid disguises when that protective 'shell' isn't active (also why a lot of them just stay in their true forms) - and last but not least, Demons' true forms tend to be nightmarish off-shoots/mockeries of mortal animals, but fae are nearly impossible to spot different from any normal mortal insect except if you look lclose enough to spot the triple-set of wings

  • since 'smaller=stronger' among Fae, many are naturally drawn to smaller humanoid disguises/half-forms as well- gnomes, goblin, vulpera, 'stunted' versions of other races(though this is rare) with a few outliers who will choose a night elf or tauren for the natural conection those races are perceived to have towards nature

  • also contrary to demons, females are more abundant than males and are considered to fit the roles better. there -are- male Fae, but they're about as rare as Female circle lords are

alrighty that's all I have for now <3 also obviously Mika doesn't fit in here too well BUT he was never actually meant to be Fae/it wasn't by his own choice so that's a lot of the reason why he's so different from the natural ones ^^;

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    Oh! Oh sweetheart this is an absolutely precious idea! I adore them and I bet Gaia would too! They are absolutely adorable look at their cute faces! I love their concept sweetheart and I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask if I could make a Tauren guy one who turns into a wasp/stag beetle? It’s perfectly fine if you’d rather keep this as your species just let me know :) and you HAVE to make a wither fae mosquito, they’d look bad ass! I can’t wait to see more about them.. ever since I made Xandra I’ve wanted insectoid characters and booom! All these cuties turn up :D

    What’s Mika’s opinion of them? What’s their opinion of Mika? Do they think he’s holding true to Nature or are they miffed that he’s on this mission?

    Really love them sweetheart, I need to see more :D

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      aw thank you dear it was a fun idea to run through (and a nice distraction to be honest <3) I'm glad you enjoy the idea of them too :) and oh indeed hun please feel free to make one (or several lol I know I said they aren't plentiful but I was meaning in the couple-hundred range so certainly room for an OC or two :) ) I did think about Wither but she insists she's content being a Demon so I moved on to shifting Vii instead (I ran a poll on twitter for 'most gothic flying insect' between mosquito, moth, and wasp and moth won for the death's head moth by a landslide lol)

      Mika can see uses for them, certainly (the guy can always find a way to use anyone ^^;) and as for how they feel about him, it's kind of a mixed bag lol some are loyal by default since he slotted into the vacant position of 'Gaia's lieutenant' and they follow him out of respect for her, some agree with him that things need to change/Angels and Demons think they're so much better than the Mortal realm, and some really dislike him and his methods ^^; it just depends on the person, really

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        Awww good hun, a distraction is exactly what you need right now xx oh indeed they are wonderful! Would they, in general, have issues with being called ‘cute?’ ;) Thank you very much I’ll dust off the pencils and see if anyone appears for me ;)
        Lol you can’t be a gothic fae and NOT base yourself on something called ‘Death’s head’ lol

        Oh yes, it wouldn’t be Mika if he dismissed these people as ‘entirely useless’ :) So, if he called them up for the war, hypothetically, would you say more people would follow him or more would hang back? It certainly makes sense that an entire species doesn’t think the same, that would be a bit too much insect-like. Though could they have a version of the Shadow/Light Network and call it the Hive Mind?

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          I think in general most of them wouldn't have any problem being called cute :)
          oh that'd be lovely to see hun I hope it goes well for you!!
          lol right?

          hmm.. I think for the most part they would follow him, but it might take an extra tick for some of them. Some would follow him into war simply because he's their commander but I think the ones that don't, initially, would follow suit once/of the Mortal Realm ends up damaged in said war. once they see Demons/Angels take on the fight and trample things in their wake/have no real respect or reverence for Mid-Realm they'd be more driven to join Mika's side against them, if that makes sense <3
          ohhh I do like the 'hive mind' idea :D