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Orb of Deception by The-Zombie-Cat

Orb of Deception


going through my WiP folder to see if there's anything I want to work on form there and apparently I never uploaded this from like a month or so ago

from an 'art challenge' on twitter to draw your OC with the Orb of Deception active
Nightborne turn into Void Elves apparently

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    Oh wow she’s stunning no matter what species she is :) absolutely love your take on void elves :) I love the tentacle tail and the extra eyes :) and the gradient along her arms going to purple instead of black :D top stuff :) As always, Zee is absolutely glorious :)

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      aw thank you dear :D i left it up to a twitter poll, because I have Zee as a Night Elf and as a Nightborne in-game (because I couldn't give up her being a druid ^^;) night elves turn into forsaken and nightborne turn into void elves so I let my followers decide for me in the end lol but I ended up glad with void elf winning because it was fun to work on (and Zee is already undead so there wouldn't have been much different going forsaken honestly ^^;)
      the tail made me nervous because I thought it'd look like she had a big tentacle just coming out of her asshole so I'm glad it translated well to a tail XD and the eyes lol I love the extra eye look so I knew I wanted to pop a few in there, but Dave was looking over the picture telling me how he liked it -until- he noticed the extra eyes and then he got creeped out and gave me a good chuckle XD

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        Oooh do you know I never knew the Orb of Deception gave you a set opposing faction to turn into! Lol I thought it was just random :) kind of explains why my Draenei always became Sin’Dorei :) Oh defo, the dear of her, I imagine it’d be hard to get her looking any different forsaken.. Though she’d look weird without her long, expressive earholes ;)
        Oh yeah it certainly comes across as a tail for me lol the alternative would be.. I’ll go with ‘interesting’ lol Ha! Creeping Dave out is like an extra badge of approval ;)