The Beginning ch1 by The-Zombie-Cat

"Look! Do you see?" Gaia exclaimed, gesturing towards the viewing portal spell with excitement. "Look at how they've grown already!"

"Gaia, Dear sister.." D'naar began, seeming much less enthused than her younger sibling. Before she could continue, however, Estra gave her a light nudge with her elbow.

"Allow her to have her pets, D'nar. What harm could it do?" Estra spoke quietly, passing D'naar a small smile of assurance. One which, along with the eldest's words, apparently escaped Gaia's notice as she continued to watch the creatures on the other side of the viewing portal. "What are you going to name them?" Estra spoke a touch louder now to gain Gaia's attention, earning it in the form of a beaming smile.

"I'm not sure!" She giggled. "There are so many different sorts.. They are different from the birds and felines and-"

"They are monkeys, sweet Gaia.." D'naar spoke again, passing her attention briefly back to the viewing portal, having since moved on to examining their own Realm. Now -that- was a thing of beauty. Not these oddly evolved creatures and their primitive tools and inability to form understandable language. D'naar wasn't entirely convinced they were intelligent creatures at all, it was just Gaia being obsessed with the earthly Realm again and the evolved bacteria therein.

"They have become much more than primates, though, D'naar!" Gaia whimpered, passing a pout to her older sister. Though it didn't last long before her entranced and excited gaze returned to the newest evolved species upon the Earthly Realm. "Look there! This one has a child! Look how lovingly they hold and feed it! And that one there! They craft these caves to use as shelters!"

"Gaia, honestly." D'naar sighed.

"Perhaps we should go introduce ourselves?" Estra suggested. Scoffing, D'naar turned a disapproving stare to her older sister. Anything she might have said, however, was drown out by a gasp of excitement from Gaia.

"Could we!?"

"Absolutely not!" D'naar huffed, finally turning her full attention on her siblings and the viewing portal. "Not only have they not yet proven themselves worthy of seeing us or our Realm, but they are clearly savage. What little the Angels have reported back to me are typically stories of them killing others, themselves, and the other creatures of their infested little Realm."

"And -we- dear sister, are still the most powerful beings in existence between our two Realms. What could they possibly do to us? We are Immortal."

"Oh!" Gaia beamed. "We'll call them 'Mortals'!" Chuckling, Estra gave an encouraging nod.

"Very good." She agreed. "Besides.. perhaps the reason they have stagnated at this stage is because they are awaiting some form of guidance. We can't expect them to go blindly through life questioning what they should do, yes? Perhaps meeting us face to face could be a nudge int he right direction to something more resembling civilization?"

"So you intend to take these overgrown apes by the hand and teach them a certain way of living?" D'naar asked, clearly incredulous. "You do realize what a waste of time that is, yes? These 'Mortals' live a blink of an eye compared to our lives. By the time you teach them anything, you would have to start all over again with their offspring. And so on and so forth until the pathetic little species works itself into extinction like the others who have come and gone."

"D'naar." Estra scolded, shifting a hand to rest on Gaia's shoulder. The youngest herself had lost her excited smile for a sad frown, staring back to her viewing portal. "Regardless of what the future might hold for these creatures.. I still think we should go introduce ourselves." She said, now speaking to Gaia as she offered her a reassuring smile. She earned a small one in return as Gaia gave a nod.

"Fine." D'naar huffed. Despite her views on the matter, she did hate seeing Gaia upset. She certainly hated the thought of being the cause of it. "But I do not wish to go. I will remain here and oversee our own Realm while the pair of you have your.. fun.." She muttered, shaking her head. "Take someone with you, at least.." She continued, waving a gesture to the thousands upon thousands of near-identical creatures flying on eye-adorned wings through their realm.

"Only because you asked so nicely!" Estra called after her as D'naar began away, giving a snicker to Gaia.

The Beginning ch1


12 June 2018 at 15:08:25 MDT

kind of a test of sorts I suppose? to see if I can get into writing and to see if anyone’s even interested in reading ^^; I thought to myself ‘start at the beginning’ and.. well these three are definitely the very beginning of everything in my ‘verse so have a really short chapter to start. idk if they will improve in length yet, but it was fun to type a bit out at least :3

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