The Beginning ch2 by The-Zombie-Cat

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Everything had been falling into place
gorgeously. In all honesty, as much as D'naar loved her sisters, it
was so much simpler to get everything done without them. Estra
constantly trying to prod the Angels into 'fun' rather than the
natural order of assigning them tasks to carry out as their rightful
servants.. That unruly behaviour certainly wasn't missed. Estra had
always had a habit of trying to get the Angels to preform activities
or do tricks like those damned 'Mortals' trained their dog creatures
or whatever it was.. D'naar admitted she didn't pay close enough
attention tot he happenings on the 'Mortal Realm' as her sisters had
decided to rename it. Either way.. The distraction of Estra was gone
from the Angel's lives as the Mistress of Shadow decided to play with
the Mortals instead. A win win situation, really. Estra enjoyed that
the Mortals had their own free will to make her 'games' more fun, and
D'naar had gotten back all her servants. Well.. All but the one Estra
and Gaia had taken at D'naar's own behest.

And Gaia.. A wonderful, sweet-hearted
delight she was.. But she was far too needy. She was constantly
interrupting D'naar's work on the Realm to talk about those 'Mortals'
and their Realm. Why was her focus not -here-.. Where it -should-
be..? D'naar supposed she would never understand her younger sister's
fascination with those creatures.. But it was certainly much quieter
and much more easy to focus now that Gaia had decided to fully live
among them in the Mortal Realm.

Meanwhile, D'naar had taken to work,
just as she said she would. Given that she was alone here, now, she
had taken to calling their superior realm the Light Realm. And the
name certainly did suit. Without Estra's presence here to hinder it,
the Realm was absolutely glowing. Literally. It would likely be
downright blinding to any of those pathetic 'Mortals'. To D'naar,
however, it was beautiful. And the Angels.. well.. even if they did
have eyes of their own not linked to the Sisters, or opinions of
their own in their heads vacant of any free will.. D'naar still
wouldn't truly care what they thought. Their position was to serve.
'yes ma'am' no matter the subject.

The Realm itself had been crafted into
a utopia. A plethora of structures spanning the realm interspersed by
streams of flowing Light and golden embellishments and trees both
alike and at the same time far better than those in the Mortal Realm.
Same with a few rolling hills and other mimicking structures that
D'naar had gazed upon and not found -entirely- primitive and
revolting. Her Angels were housed according to status that D'naar
herself laid out and organized and, with no one there to oppose her,
now, D'naar had everything running flawlessly.

She was even contemplating her next
step. Surprisingly enough, now was the time she recalled what her
sisters had been blabbering on about however many hundreds of years
ago. The mortals. Being guided and taught.. Well.. more like molded,
in D'naar's mind. The Angels followed the Light out of Duty. Out of
lack of choice. They were literally created to serve her. Mortals, on
the other hand.. She could expand her reach to the Mortal Realm and
rebuild that, too, in her image. Of course, she wouldn't have even
her Angels dirty their hands with that work. But convincing the
Mortals to follow the Light? Having them build the structures and
teach the ways and pass them on through their disgusting little
generations? It would be like a whole new batch of Angels.

D'naar was interrupted form her
internal musing by a rather heavy presence.. It was as though the
gorgeous, finely crafted air of the place took on a heavy, muggy,
even clammy sort of effect. It caused D'naar to crinkle her nose in
disgust and seem out the offending problem.

And what she found was a face she
hadn't seen in a few hundred years. Estra.

“Wow, you really did a number on
this place, didn't you..?” She asked. Her typical,
light-hearted and easy going demeanor instantly rubbing D'naar the
wrong way. She had gotten so used to everyone around her being bound
to follow her that she'd forgotten what it was like to speak with
someone who wasn't. She didn't enjoy it..

“In the absence of my sisters I
felt it was a good idea if at least -I- continued the work I was
meant to do here.” She answered, short tempered and a touch
cold. Not that D'naar truly noticed, or cared, herself. Estra,
however, frowned.

“Well you've made it almost
intolerable for me t be here, you know..” She said, lifting a
hand in emphasis. Against the blinding light of the Realm Estra's
dark hand was smoking a touch. The overpowering Light burning at the
Shadows that comprised her form.

“There is a very simple solution
to this problem, you know?” D'naar shrugged lgihtly, seeing
Estra frown as she'd essentially just been told 'get the hell out'.

“I can't find Gaia.” Estra
announced, deciding it best to simply cut straight to the chase.

“Have you lost your abilities as
well? You spend all this time rolling around in sin with these dirty
little primates..”

“'Sin'?” Estra repeated,
perking a brow.

“Yes. It's the word I've decided
encapsulates all these disgusting little habits my Angels have
reported you get up to. Fornication, self-indulgence, spreading
corruption.. You've been living a wretched and disgusting life,
Estra, I can't say I want you back here to sully the Realm I have
devoted my entire focus to.”

“Well good news for you, I didn't
really -want- to come back. The Mortals are a lot more fun than your
'stick up your ass' self anyway.” Estra scoffed, and D'naar
curled a lip in disgust at Estra's vulgar words. ”I came
because our little sister has gone missing. I can't locate her
signature anywhere. I thought I might come back to see if she'd
returned to this Realm. But clearly you've made it so much your own
that it likely wouldn't treat Gaia any better than it's treating
me..” She huffed, passing another glance down to her smoking
fingers, sizzles of pain shocking through her system in small doses
here and there. Not only was D'naar trying to dispel her form this
place, but the Realm itself was, too.

“I thought she was with you.
Living in debauchery alongside you taking Mortals into her bed and
birthing them demigod offspring as though the Realm deserves them..”
D'naar shook her head in clear disgust. “Why not send your
Angel to look for her, if you're so incapable. Which one have you
taken again?”

“Quinn. And I have already asked
him and he can't find her, either.”

“Asked?” D'naar scoffed.
“You don't -ask- them, you order them. Perhaps that is why they
so lazily gave up before completing their task. You've corrupted it
now, send that one back to me.”

“D'naar!” Estra snapped,
though her frustration seemed to manifest as a sharp sting across her
person, the Mistress of Shadow flinching slightly. “You are
missing the point. Why don't -you- try to sense her before you tell
me my powers are simply fading form corruption or whatever other
excuse you want to give it so it paints a picture of me being
incapable and the entire thing not being your problem.. Speaking of
'lazy'..” She huffed.

“You believe you can come into my
Realm and order -me- around?”

“-Your- Realm?”

“Yes, -my- Realm. -I- am the one
who stayed behind to look after it, after all. To build it and grow
it and bring it to it's glory as you see now!” D'naar hissed
with a gesture around at the place. Her anger, as well, seemed to
manifest as a sharp pain for Estra.

“Queen Shadow, Queen Light..”
Another voice rose between them, silencing their fighting as an Angel
manifested beside them, dipping to a knee and bowing his halo'd head
as he addressed them, gaining their attention.

“Quinn! Have you found anything?”
Estra asked immediately, taking a step towards him with her worry
clearly overriding her anger towards her sister of Light.

“I could not find Queen Nature..”
He spoke. “Though I tracked down one of her descendants who
told me she has sacrificed herself tot he Mortal Realm.”

“What!?” Both sisters
answered in tandem.

“What does that mean,
'sacrificed' herself? She is Immortal, she can do no such thing!”
At least -now- D'naar sounded concerned for their youngest sibling.

“Her descendant claims she gave
her physical form to the Mortal Realm in the form of a sub Realm. One
devoted to Nature and the Mortals' 'Druidism'. A sanctuary of safe
haven to protect and look after them.”

“Why would she do that without
consulting us..?” Estra muttered, her attention moving to

“Perhaps because you were too
busy organizing group sex and converting sour Mortal foods into
intoxicating poisons!” D'naar barked, turning her golden glare
on her sister. “You were the one who went with her, you were
meant to protect her!”

“She was fine!” Estra
defended. “She'd taken home with Mortals who revered Nature!
They loved her, worshiped her even if she refused to let them treat
her as a Deity! They would never harm her even if they were capable
of it! How is it -my- fault that she made this decision!?”

“You were supposed to stay with
her! Instead you ran off to pursue your own foolish games and devices
in the name of 'fun'!”

“And you!? You were too busy
making this place into your personal fucking Eden to care about
anyone past yourself! There was no reason you couldn't have checked
in on her! You've always been better at reason and logic than I have,
anyway! Even if I -had- known what she was planning to do, -you- were
the one who could have talked her out of it, not me!”

“You will -not- blame this on me!
Neither of you were supposed to leave our Realm in the first place!
Neither of you were meant to gallivant with lesser creatures, you
were supposed to stay here!”

“You didn't exactly keep it
welcoming, though, did you!?”

“Enough!” D'naar shouted, a
booming 'crack' through the air and a simultaneous stumble back form
Estra as another sharp pain wracked her system. “You are right.
This Realm, MY Realm, isn't welcoming to the likes of someone as
self-serving, childish, and irresponsible as you are! YOU lost our
sister. This is on YOUR head! And the punishment for it will be
death!” She snarled, lifting her arms to summon the power of
her Realm, physical Light drawing to her form like bolts of

“You can't kill me, D'naar!”
Estra growled, though there were definite notes of fear to her tone,
along with hitches of pain as the Realm itself reacted to D'naar's
grieving outrage.

“Oh but I can try.” D'naar
snapped, throwing her arms forward. Estra gasped using what strength
she could to pull a wall of physical shadows around her, creating a
shield to protect what she could of herself from the blast of Light.
It was dissipated instantly. D'naar had too much power here, now.
Knocked off balance with several burning wounds gashed across her
skin, Estra tumbled as D'naar readied another spell in hopes of
carrying out her threat.

However, Estra found herself caught
before she could fall to the ground, her wide, shock and terror
filled eyes looking up to Quinn, who had jumped to catch her, his
wings curled around her to protect her form D'naar's incoming attack.
However, for a moment, it didn't come. D'naar's eyes had gone wide,
herself. Watching the Angel jump to protect Estra. As though it had a
-choice-!? In the Realm of Light faced with D'naar's power here
verses Estra's all Angels should be compelled to protect their true
Queen. The one who stayed. The one who was truly actively ruling over
them. Not her. Not the Mistress of Shadow.

“How dare you?” D'naar
finally spoke, voice sharp and rather haunting. “You want to
protect her? You wish to go against me!? Then you die, too!”
She snarled, summoning the remainder of her powerful spell and
crashing it against the pair in a flash.

A literal flash, it seemed.

As the spell collided with Estra and
Quinn, the blinding quality of the Light Realm amplified tenfold. So
much so that D'naar was knocked back with the force of a massive
explosion, seeing her tumble end over end and land flat on her back
on the ground. It took a moment. A lengthy moment, in fact, before
the harsh flash of unforgiving Light cleared and allowed sight to
return again. Before the ringing in D'naar's ears gave way to true
sounds again, however muffled they felt at the time being past the
deafening boom of the explosion.

Sitting up, surprisingly sore for the
first time in her existence, D'naar's eyes moved to the spot Estra
and Quinn had been standing moments prior. They were gone.. Seemingly
vaporized.. And a massive crater of pitch black stood out against her
Realm like a sore thumb, making D'naar cringe after all the work
she'd put into making everything pristine. Looking past this glaring
blemish, however, D'naar couldn't help a sharp gasp.

The Angels had changed.. Previously
mindless creatures. No eyes of their own on their faces, only eyes
across their wings used as viewing points for the Sisters. They'd
previously had no mouths, speaking telepathically instead to limit
any backtalk, not that they had been capable of it.. They had
previously had several arms to carry out several tasks efficiently..
Their Halos had been grand. Clear marks of their status and now..

They looked little better than the
Mortals.. The explosion of the blast, the idea of one of their own
rising against D'naar.. Estra being killed or banished, leaving them


And they took it. Instantly.. Or
near-so.. After discovering themselves, after realizing they had a
choice.. Several of them turned their newly formed eyes in her
direction as she remained sat on the ground, frozen with shock. A
good portion took to now eyeless wing, flying as fast as their wings
could carry them into the sky, through portals out of D'naar's Realm,
abandoning her. And then, a good few hundred more..

They charged at her. Flew with fury and
hatred and ill intent. Luckily, there were those who apparently chose
to stay on her side. They jumped to action, protecting D'naar as they
fought among each other. D'naar's Realm was swiftly turned into a
battlefield. No. A war zone. Her previously pristine, carefully
organized and well running Realm.. Now complete chaos, Angels
fighting Angels, a good few structures shattered to rubble by the
explosion, a massive black crater scarring the otherwise perfectly
white land..

All because of that wretch. That
corrupted, selfish wretch.. If Estra hadn't died in that blast.. Oh
she would wish she had..

The Beginning ch2


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alrighty one more for tonight because I got into it <3
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