Tull by The-Two-Cue



5 September 2016 at 09:07:38 MDT

I finally got to finish coloring Tull and his pal Tress last night. (I'll post Tress next, and then a size comparison).

Tull is part of my Boundaries universe, he was born and raised in a place called Witches Wharf (It's called this due to high magic concentration). It's a dangerous place, and most people are afraid to go there. People are often sold into slavery or sold for their body parts for spells and sacrifices. But Tull got off pretty lucky for the most part, he was able to grow up and learn spells and transformation from his family. But Tull made problems for himself, he messed up a valuable trade. It lost the trader a lot of money and stock, so the trader and their companions hunted Tull down as he ran deep into the forest. Eventually they found him, and attempted to sacrifice him for a spell that should bring them luck and money. But somehow Tull didn't die, instead Tress found him while she was out hunting, took him home and patched him up.

Tull doesn't have arms or wings. He uses his bird feet to do things instead. Also, his captors took his eye. If he ever got it back he'd be able to put it back in and use it again. His face and belly have very little fur, it's very thin and mostly just bare skin there. Like maybe peachy texture.

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