Tress by The-Two-Cue



5 September 2016 at 09:25:11 MDT

And here is Tress.

Tress has lived out on her own in the forest for many years. She lives within a couple days walking distance of her family and friends though, she is a sort of sentry for them. The biggest and strongest of the village are stationed around in a big circle around the village. Spaced out a good ways, as they hunt and live their lives out there they are also combing the area of land they patrol for kidnappers. There used to be a big issue with people from Witches Wharf sneaking in an kidnapping their children to sell into slavery or for sacrifices. Given the nature of her job, Tress has become very fearless. She has always kind of hoped that she would indeed stumble upon one of those people, it just feels thrilling to her. Although she does kind of get her wish. While hunting one day, and combing the area, she stumbled upon Tull. She debated on what she should do about him, but ended up taking him home and getting him healed up. She knew the others would not be pleased if they found out about him, so she has kept him secret from them so far. She is amazed at the things he can do and loves watching him transform into small animals. But she also has some trouble actually trusting him being where he is from. So she keeps a pretty close eye on him.

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