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The Syreth Clan

Mel Syreth


'Mel' | Aquarius

I masquerade under many different aliases, but Mel is probably the one I use the most. Take the 'clan' aspect as a sort of doujin circle if you will.

I'm a storyteller by heart albeit but I have a lot of other hobbies as well; art, game development and even music, all of which I am still trying to get better at. I'm an avid dreamer with many ideas pestering me day in and day out; too many ideas, too few of me. I also like to dabble into the occult and other strange, unknown phenomena from time to time.

Most of my work is lighthearted and fantastical in nature, whether it's about adventures of a vampire in a Victorian world of folklore or cute fuzzy animals set in quasi-medieval times. I - naturally - also create fanworks for others.

Feel free to look around, maybe you'll find something to enjoy.

Thank you for the follows and favorites.


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    Thank you for the fairly obvious thing to thank you for. :p

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      You're welcome. Will be looking forwards to what kind of crazy words you'll be illustrating next.

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        Don't worry. There's a few letters left before the end of the alphabet. :p After that will be Inquetober, so who knows what I'll do then?