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Hi I'm Liz! I'm a huge furry and because of that, I've been making fursuits for a few years now. I still have a lot to learn, but I love working with fursuit construction and building characters.

I do commissions for people from time to time, however I'm still trying to perfect my style, so my prices are significantly lower than other makers. I'm only doing heads and partial commissions right now, because I need to get more comfortable with my digitigrade style before making any more fullsuits.

I've completed four suits over the past two years (three partials and one digitigrade fullsuit) and I'm currently working on two more partials. I use the foam bucket head style of construction, with 2D toony eyes and static jaws. This is the style I'm most comfortable with working in.

I have five different fursonas, I can't actually stop making them. I have a red deer named Ethan, a tufted deer named Tuft, a GSD/Akita mix named Riley, a bison named Kidd, and a sheep named Dahl. I've made fursuits of Ethan, Riley, and I'm working on finishing up a Dahl partial at the moment.

If you have questions or are interested in commissioning me, please feel free to send me a message. I'm very friendly and totally willing to work with you!


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    Thanks much for the follow! Hope I impress in the future.

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    Just curious, when will do another fursuit head commission? Sorry if this sounded rude cx I've just been looking for a maker all day and I thought a head or partial (depending on price) from you would be perfect for my first suit c: thanks!

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      Hi! I currently have a person wishing to commission me so I'm going to be a little bit busy with that for a while. But if you're still looking for a maker in a few months, let me know! I can do 200-250 ish for a head depending on what you want, and for a partial it will be a bit more expensive.

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        Wow. That's a great price :D yeah I'll definititly let you know in a couple of months. Have fun and good luck with that commission! :3