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Social media and where to find me

on 8 April 2018 at 17:25:04 MDT

Social Media and where you can find me:







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WMV Edit

Extras: Spell effects, scars, markings ect.
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00
Multi Character Scene (2)
$ 40.00
Pin-up Single Dynamic Scene (18+)
$ 25.00
Pin-up Single Scene (18+)
$ 20.00
Pin-up Single transparent (18+)
$ 15.00
Single Character Edit Scene
$ 30.00
Transparent Bust
$ 10.00
Transparent Fullbody
$ 20.00
Transparent Halfbody
$ 15.00

I'm open for WMV Commissions, please PM me if interested!

Payment is through Paypal and is in USD
Not offering anything that has heavy gore, sexual themes, underage, abuse, or rape/non con.
Payment is upfront; e-mail will be provided upon ordering
All contact will be through e-mail.A non-watermarked version will be sent to you, whilst the watermarked version will be posted to social media.Please do not claim as your own.
I hold the right to deny you a commission if I feel uncomfortable or if you are rude in anyway.
Please note that due to my program being in alpha mode and/or heavily reliant on WoW, I may need to suddenly close commissions. If that is to be the case and you are in queue, I will issue a refund unless you don’t mind waiting (which I don’t recommend as it could take several months)
Demon Hunters are iffy program likes to crash a lot when I go to customize themI can’t do Worgen (humanoid form is fine), Pandaren, or Tauren just yet so no requests for them (sorry)

Art tag:


Transparent Bust: $10 USD
Transparent halfbody: $15 USD
Transparent Fullbody: $20 USD

Single Character Scene: $30 USD (+$5 for extra effects)
Multi Character Scene (2): $40 USD (+$5 for extra characters/effects)

Single Transparent fullbody Pin-up (18+ only!): $15 USD
Single Character scene Pin-up (18+ only!): $20 USD
Single Character Dynamic Scene Pin-up (18+ only!): $25 USD

Extra details like markings, scars, ect are +$5-$10 depending on complexity and detailing!


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    Thank you for accepting the friend request.
    Look forward to seeing more wonderful things from you and hopefully getting to know you better~

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      You're welcome!

      Thank you, Sadly right now I am restricted to small things since WMV is down. But I can't wait to start adding more art.

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        Is WMV down because of the massive update ahead?
        I personally could never get it working in the first place - but find the things people can create with it amazing!

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          When the new patch adding the minor updates like Wardrobe and such, it went down. It is because it pulls from the game files and the people working on it take some time to get a working version up due to making sure it'll read things correctly. Might be a few months or so...

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    Thanks for the Fave!

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    You're welcome. They are all very lovely :)

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    Thanks for the faves Hun <3