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Serene / 27 / Female / Washington

They call me Spicy, but really I am sweet~!
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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Removing the cobwebs

Well, it's been a long time... I kinda forgot about this place as my life got hectic up until March of this year... still is somewhat hectic but not as bad as it was. But we will get to that later... First: I moved from my hometown with my sister and her household since my dad wanted to sell the ho…

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Social media and where to find me

Social Media and where you can find me: Tumblr: Twitter: Facebook: Weasyl: DeviantART:… Youtube:… Ko-fi:

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WMV Commissions and Art Trades are open!

I'm open for WMV Commissions, please PM me if interested! Rules: Payment is through Paypal and is in USD Not offering anything that has heavy gore, sexual themes, underage, abuse, or rape/non con. Payment is upfront; e-mail will be provided upon ordering All contact will be through e-mail.A non-wat…

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Commissions and Dragon OC sale!

Hey guys I am officially open for commissions! Pretty sure my post I did a week or two ago has been seen, but I have an idea for a quick sale. Lately I've been in the mood to edit my Dragon OCs, however, you can only edit them for so long before you get bored or tired. So! How do you guys feel abou…

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Cleaning off the cobwebs

Well, I'm back! I decided that I should probably upload my recent work here and use this site again, lol. I plan to be a bit more active here now as well.