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Steiner and Scorch as Renekton and Nasus by TheScorchingDragon

Steiner and Scorch as Renekton and Nasus


2 January 2019 at 08:03:39 MST

well, i tried to put renekton and nasus armor on a derg and croc but theres to many variations and it confuses me so theres probably a lot of mistakes
This was actually gonna be halloween 2019 drawing but i won't have time to draw it when that comes round this year so i did it now.

Origonal armor is from LoL and i think is copyrighted by blizard? anyway i had to edit it to fit the character(s) and because i wasn't sure with some things...
Scorch the brown dragon belongs to thescorchingdragon (me)
Steiner the crocodile belongs to BenGator