Skinning rabbits in the middle of nowhere by TheScatterbrain

Skinning rabbits in the middle of nowhere


28 September 2015 at 16:46:21 MDT

I think she's trying to tell you that you look like shit, Jerry.

One of these random comic pages that doesn't involve Madison??? In which Balthazar is on taxi duty and Jerry demonstrates that you can have perfectly nice conversations with cherubim when you're not a racist asshat.

Jerry worked for Heaven as a spy for a long time, meaning he spent most of his time travelling around Hell on his own. Not that he has ever minded being alone, but when something goes wrong it kinda sucks.

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    Please don't tell me that skinning is actually that easy
    *holds back vomit*

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      Skinning is easier with smaller animals
      You couldn't just, skin a deer like that

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        Well yeah I sorta guessed that, I mean smaller surface area n' such

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          Yeah, like, back in my anatomy and physiology class I could totally skin a cat that way... admittingly after helping SO many people dissect their cats it just got really easy to do
          This post just sounds awful

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      It is, if you have practise.

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    I have always deeply loved the concepts and the design of the cherubim. <3 I would adore seeing "slice of life" one-shots in this universe, I'm always curious what's going on in between crisis and waves of battle.

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      Lately I've been sketching ugly thumbnails of little snippets like this on the train on my way to work. I don't know, maybe I'll make something of more of them. I always have these small scenes pop up in my head and I have to get them out because they drive me insane. So distracting honestly :I But fun.