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Autumns' yard by The Red Raptor

Autumns' yard

The Red Raptor

It is Autumn, a cool breeze blows
The tree are becoming skeletons, their leaves taking flight
She stands there, clad only in a satin camisole and stockings
A g-string preserves her modesty, passing tightly between her buttocks
She is warm, comfortable in her winter coat that shields her for the breezes' cool caress
She lifts the front of her camisole, as if she intends to remove it
Her firm thighs, enshrouded by lace
Her ears, hear my every breath
Beauty is truth.

Byrds of Prey: by Bertie Blackman

Branath Windreanch (in this female aspect) created by and for the exclusive use of TheRedRaptor
Art © 2015   Smileeeeeee


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    She is sexy

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      She is so much more than that

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        shrugs I do not know anything about her...except that she is sexy. I know that

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          There's some extremely sexy pictures of her in my galley

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            She is cute there, too