Red The Very Fat WolfTaur by theredknight100

Red The Very Fat WolfTaur


23 September 2014 at 00:41:47 MDT

hey guys Red the wolftaur here looks at his lower belly the very fat wolftaur ^^; anyways yes I like fat bellys and fat furs :P now that's in the way this is the artwork I have work on from an taur base I found on DeviantArt done by the awesome "Mojo1985" over at DeviantArt who did an awesome jon on the line art : the hair and tail and shirt is done by yours truly theredknight100 I know the coloring and the hair sucks bug time :( but other thin that I had a lot of fun doing this ^^

Here we have Red in his wolftaur form enjoying an very huge taur belly, Red was very hungry for lunch so Red stop by an chines buffet and eat, he eats so much he never saw his lower taur belly growing! after he was done he had an hard time moveing around till he looks down and see an huge belly! things like this never happen to him befour but he seems to enjoy having an huge belly :P

anyways please stope by Mojo1985 DeviantArt page and check oyt his awesome drawings and support him :) anyways I hope you guys enjoy it :) now I need to figer out how to ove around with this huge belly :P

Line ART made by: "Mojo1985" at DeviantART

Coloering Done by: theredknight100

"Red" Belongs to: theredknight100

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