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Red's DragonTaur Potion! by theredknight100

Red's DragonTaur Potion!


hey everyone :) Red the....Dragontaur here :P

here is the most awesome potion commission i got done by the awesome :Evianrei Evianrei who did an awesome job drawing another potion transformation for 2018!

its halloween time once again. and red was in his wolftaur form going to visit his witch in traning friend Bianca. she just open her new shop in time for halloween this year so red stop by to try out her potions. so when Bianca was showing Red around. he saw a red coloer potion shes been working on. Bianca told him she has not test it out yet. so red offer to try it out. since last year Red had a potion that change his coloers and art style instead of a taur potion ( ) so this year he thought to give it a second try. so Red gulps the whole potion and Red started to change! instead of coloers. red saw his lower wolftaur body stared to grow scales and claws and dragon wings on his lower body! and a long dragon tail and a dragon face and dragon horns! Red finally a taur alright. but he is no longer a wolftaur. he's now a dragontaur! he must of drink a dragon potion but he still has the taur effects. hehe looks like red will enjoy his new dragontaur form. plus at lest he is ready for the up coming Spyro game that's coming out :P

anyways please check out :Evianrei Evianrei and check out her awesome artworks and support and commission her. and please do check out her potion commissions she dose every year for halloween. :)

anyways i hope you guys enjoy it :)

ART made by: :Evianrei Evianrei

"Red" Belongs to::theredknight100 theredknight100

please favorite the ORIGINAL here!:

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    Nice! I love the sketchy looking lineart!