Red's Very Big And Bloating Naga Tail by theredknight100

Red's Very Big And Bloating Naga Tail


28 December 2017 at 16:15:55 MST

hey everyone :) red the wolf naga here :)

here is a very intrasting sketch commission i got done by the awesome GrineX GrineX who did an awesome job drawing this for me :)

here we see red in his wolf naga form. slithering the swamp and haveing a good afternoon. till he looks down and saw just out of the blue his snake tail and coils started randomly bloating up and growing and swelling very big and chubby! his upper body seems normal but his lower tail is growing very huge and big! looks like he might have a hard time moveing aroung in his new mega naga tail. but look at the bright side. at least he will enjoy haveing a big and bloated naga snake tail to snuggle. :P

as you might of guess i made some new updats for reds snake lower body ( besides being big and stuff) now red has an official a green anaconda snake tail ^^ maybe in the near future i mighht make his tail a bit better :)

anyways please check out GrineX GrineX and check out his awesome artworks and support him :) he dose a lot of good chubby and bloating artworks if your into them please check it out :)

anyways i hope you guys enjoy it :)

Art made by:GrineX GrineX

"Red" Belongs to:theredknight100 theredknight100

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