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Back To The Drawing Board For Red by theredknight100

Back To The Drawing Board For Red


hello everyone :) red the wolf here!

here is an awesome potion shop commission i got for halloween from the awesome :Evianrei Evianrei who did an awesome job drawing this for me :)

Red in his anthro form was walking in a hallowwn festavil till he came across a potion shop. so red walk in to see whats it about till he meet a black cat name Bianca. she is a witch and is new to makeing potions. the red came across a potion made to turn you into a taur so since he has a wolftaur form red ask Bianca to use it and he drinks it. then red saw something happening to him! hes not turning into a taur but he saw his body is cangeing into coloers and line artworks going from fullcolor, to flat color, to linework, and to sketch! hehe i guess red now know he is a cartoon wolf :P

anyways please check out :Evianrei Evianrei and check out her awesome artworks and support and commission her. :)

anyways i hope you guys enjoy it :)

ART made by::Evianrei Evianrei

"Red" Belongs to:theredknight100 theredknight100

and also please favorite the ORIGINAL here:

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