Red on a massacre by theredknight100

Red on a massacre


13 March 2016 at 20:39:48 MDT

hey everyone :) Red the anthro Wolf here :)

here is the most awesome another request drawing I got done by the awesome JinLust4Sin JinLust4Sin who did the most awesome job drawing this for me :)

here we have red in his awesome super attack anthro form getting ready to attack the moster with his twin swords! his skill in this form are very powerfull with any weapon but however he cant stay like this for to long and this form his a power up on heath and attacks and so on so don't mess with Red when he is like this

the artiest had probble mixing in the hair coloer to his fur so he change it to red hair :P im not so sure if its he deon form or others type but hey he looks pretty neat :P

anyways please check out JinLust4Sin JinLust4Sin and check out his awesome artwork he needs a lot of views and needs a lot of your ideas and commissions for his artwork so please check him out :)

anyways I hope you guys enjoy it :)

ART made by: JinLust4Sin JinLust4Sin

"Red" Belongs to: theredknight100 theredknight100

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