"Take this, you stupid virus!!!" by The Pink Rose Of Texas

"Take this, you stupid virus!!!"

The Pink Rose Of Texas

25 March 2020 at 13:43:38 MDT

"I don't wanna be cooped up in my room for weeks or months. I wanna go to Kindergarten, play with my friends, meet new people, and most of all HUG!!!"

Drawn by request from Norudeness000 of DeviantArt, my character Dolly Melissa trying to eliminate the Coronavirus by stomping on it.
We all wish it were that easy to eliminate this virus. Of course, it's neither easy nor effective. You might end up spreading it to other people around you, especially the elderly and already sick. The best way to dissipate the virus is to stay at home as much as possible, not get too close to other people, disinfect frequesntly-touched surfaces, and wash your hands often. If you do those things, maybe the virus will disappear in a few weeks, and things will return to some level of normalcy. I'm sure we all hope so, especially Dolly, who's a very friendly and sociable child.

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