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Dolly and the Fox by The Pink Rose Of Texas

Dolly and the Fox

The Pink Rose Of Texas

14 February 2019 at 19:58:11 MST

My character Dolly Melissa has a new animal friend: a Polar Fox named Olaf.
Olaf is HauptmannFox's "fursona", and is drawn by me with his permission.
Dolly loves animals and hugging, and finds Olaf very cute and huggable.
Of course, Olaf is a little shy at first...but somehow he couldn't resist the charm of a little girl.
After getting to know each other, Olaf finds that Dolly prefers warm weather, but wouldn't mind a good romp in the snow with him.
She also likes pizza, easy listening and light rock music, and watching YouTube videos. Her favorite video topics are children, animals, and cartoons.
As the two seal their friendship with a hug, he tells her: "When I tell my partner about you, it's a good chance she'll want to have kids of her own."
"I'm sure you'll make a great daddy," says Dolly. "You seem very good with the kids."
"If and when we do have kids," asks Olaf, "maybe we could let you come over and meet them?"
"I'll have to ask my mommy and daddy first," answers Dolly, "but I'm sure they'll let me comer over."

Hope you like it!

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