Tummyrub Torture by The Pink Rose Of Texas

Tummyrub Torture

The Pink Rose Of Texas

27 August 2018 at 12:27:07 MDT

"JUNIOR: Who's the king of the tummyrubs? huh? WHO'S THE KING?!!!
SENIOR(laughing): Okay, okay, it's you! You are the king!!!"

This is the first of several works in my part of an art trade with CobraIcarus, featuring two of his elephant characters engaged in a "tummyrub fight". It's something like a tickle fight - you know, kind of rolling around on the floor and wrestling - but you have to rub your opponent's tummy for it to count.

Hope he likes it!

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    TummyPoppers tummy pop when their tummies are rubbed. Three pops cause inflation. OuO

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      Thanks, though, it's too cute!! What do you want in return? OuO

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        How about a Pokémon on a popped inner tube, like you first mentioned? Make it Pikachu. since he's my favorite.

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          I'll try. Can the Pikachu be in the tube with it around the tummy?

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            Sure, if you want.

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              hug, huff, cry (a tyvm hug, a happy huff and a sad cry... Btw, note me about my crying)...