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A Blue Halloween (Collab w/ Story!) by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

A Blue Halloween (Collab w/ Story!)


Here's a verrrry late Halloween pic, sorry for the wait! But I come with a story too by SwattheFox here's the first part to the story:

It was the night of October 30th and the moon shined brightly in the night sky. No ominous clouds dotted the sky nor did any ghosts or demons interrupt the quiet night. The only thing to note however were two people in their Halloween costumes walking down the sidewalk.

“Soph, tell me again why I have to be in this costume again?” A rather tall and rotund blue jay asked as he tugged at the collar of his deep blue dress shirt. In all honesty, his “costume” didn’t seem like one much at all. A blue dress shirt and matching blue slacks are what adorned his body tonight. Even his shoes were simple black dress shoes. The only thing of any real note was his belt which was a bright red.

“Because Jay!” the female tiger next to him said with a slightly annoyed tone; it was as if she had answered that question a few times before, “This year’s costume contest is for pairs and the theme is 'fantasy novels'.” Sophi's outfit was much more flamboyant compared to her boyfriend’s. She wore a long plum colored tailcoat with a fine velvety texture to it. Her green dress pants were a perfect fit and her black shoes looked like they came out of a wedding magazine. Sophi's long brown hair was tied back into a ponytail to make room for the stunning black top hat she placed upon her head. Even the white dress shirt Sophi had on underneath was brightened up by the polka dot bowtie.

“OK, I get dat, but why do we have to wear deez get-ups tonight?” Jay sighed as he once again didn’t hear the answer he wanted, “Can’t we put on different stuff for da party? Aren’t the Willy Wonka and Victor Beauregarde costumes a little too on the nose for us? I mean da guys will catch on right away, Gio will be makin’ fun of me all night!" Jay thought about the actor; Peter Artino. Jay thought about how much he is compared to him. Jay has rejected the night that him, the gang, and Sophi sat down to watch "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" together. Gio and his big mouth pointed out that Jay looked like the actor and since then it has been a running joke with everyone. After his gang leader, Sergiu found out that Peter was in a show called "Twin Peaks" and he has been addicted to it ever since. It's like Jay couldn't escape Peter, "I already look like dat Peter Artino guy. I don't want to be compared to him, dis doesn’t help.”

Sophi chuckled, “No we can’t, I worked hard on these costumes and I want to show them off tonight! And Jay, it’s the fact you look like Peter is why I choose these,” Sophi’s voice suddenly became more solemn as a fire began to flicker in her eyes, “You look like Victor Beauregarde, heck if we paint you blue we can give off an inflating look. With great costumes like these, I am sure to beat that bitch Amberlynn and win the contest! She has beaten me every year since we were kids! But not this year!” Years of being teased left and right by her longtime rival filled her mind. Preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, and so on. Amberlynn was always there with a snide remark or her stupid laugh. Even when Sophi beat her in a fight Amberlynn found a way to take that from her. But this year, things would finally be different, “I will finally win and when she is crying on the floor, she will look up to me! In that moment she will know I am better than her! She will know that all throughout our school years she was nothing! She will know just how crap-”

Jay quickly stopped Sophi from getting too loud, “Babe, you’re doing it again.”

“Oh, sorry. I’m back now,” Sophi said quickly brushing off her violent intent as if it were nothing to her.

Jay sighed as they approached their destination. The single story house of Sophi’s gang leader, Atheana. Jay took out the switchblade comb he had in his pocket and brushed up his tall pompadour. With a deep breath, he prepared himself to swallow his pride.

Sensing his discomfort, Sophi put a hand on his should and said, "Jay if anyone could pull of that costume, it's you."

This actually helped Jay and he smiled as he made a couple loud knocks on the door. Atheana soon opened it and her outfit was stunning, it was a rather spot on Elvira costume. The dress hugged her slender yet busty frame well and her hair was puffed up into the iconic style.

The golden jackal smiled as she greeted her friends, “Jay, Sophi. So glad you finally arrived.” She stepped aside and let her guests in, “I am glad you two finally made it. Sophi, I made sure Nicolas owned up to his bet with you.”

“Really? So he is actually in the tutu?! I have to see that! Jay, I’m gonna hang out with my crew for a bit. Vincent texted me earlier, he said the other Bolt Wings are already here.”

“Alright Soph, try not to pick on Nicolas too much.”

Both girls gave a hearty laugh as they walked away. The two both knew that wasn’t going to happen and so did Jay. Jay looked around and saw that most of the party was going on in the living room and backyard. There weren’t too many people there but it was a good-sized small crowd. He noticed a few members of the other local gangs and said hello as he passed them. Simple Halloween decorations were hung around the living room, fake cobwebs and rows of paper pumpkins seemed to be put up with care. Jay scanned for the other members of his gang, he figured since they were tall they would be easy to find. The first one he noticed was the Bolt Wing’s leader Sergiu. The chubby steppe hawk had tucked himself away into a corner with a cup of punch in his hand and what seemed like a tape recorder in the other. As Jay got closer he could see Sergiu's costume; it seemed somewhat basic. He only had on a simple yet clean looking suit and tie. It also looked like he was talking into his tape recorder.

Serg noticed the fat bluejay making his way through the crowd and turned off his tape recorder, “Hey Jay. Nice, uhh, nice costume.”

Jay groaned, “I don’t wanna talk about it. What are youse supposed to be? I can’t figure out what dis outfit is.”

Sergiu looked a little hesitant to answer that question, “Oh um, it’s y’know.”

“No I don’t.”

“It’s Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks....”

“Oh geez, really? Youse chose someone from that show? I swear ever since Gio noticed dat biker character looked like me it’s like I can’t escape him.”

“Yeah, I mean it is a good show, you’d like it. I was originally going to ask you to just wear your normal clothes so you can look like James Hurley. But once I heard that this year’s contest was for pairs, I knew that wouldn’t be happening. I take it she is Michelle Teavee?”

“No, she is Wonka. I just hope Gio takes it easy tonight and saves all the jabs for later.”

“Oh, I don’t think you will have to worry about Gio tonight,” Sergiu said before taking a sip of his punch.

Before Jay could ask Sergiu what he meant, Mirko joined them. The young Eurasian magpie wore a yellow raincoat and galoshes. One sleeve had no arm and was torn off, shredded half way down; fake blood was lathered all over it, while Mirko had tucked his arm away. It definitely looked like he was missing his arm.

“Oh man, Mir your Georgie costume looks great!” Jay said rather surprised.

“Thanks, Gio helped me with the fake blood. A lot of people have been liking it.”

“I wish Sophi let me do a scary costume! I bet Gio managed to make something scary this year.” Jay said crossing his arms and pouting a little. Sergiu and Mirko both looked at each other with worried expressions. Jay didn’t notice however and went off, going to look for the fifth member of their gang.

Jay looked around the room but didn’t see Vincent. He decided to try and see if he was in the backyard. Luckily for Jay he found Vincent outside right away, his costume was hard to miss. He wore a dark-colored turtleneck that had no sleeves. Over it was a wide belt with what looked like smaller belts connected to it like overalls. A single pauldron rested on his left shoulder and his baggy pants were tucked into thick boots. It was kind of hard to tell but it looked like his hair was crazily spiked. Of course, the biggest thing that Jay noticed was the massive sword on his back. Vincent was busy taking pictures with some people but said goodbye to them after he noticed Jay.

“Hey Ja-” Vincent went quiet when he took notice of Jay’s costume. He leaned in and said in a hushed tone, “Isn’t a Victor costume a little too on the nose for you?”

“Right?! Dats what I told Soph!”

“Oh, so this is a Sophi idea? Then I take it this is for the costume contest?”

“Yes, she just had to show dem off before she beats Amberlynn tomorrow.”

“I hope she wins this time, I think she might just go crazy if she loses again.”

Jay sighed, “So do I, Vince. Anyways, where is Gio? After seeing what he did with Mirko’s costume I am willin’ to take him makin’ fun of me to see what he did this year.”

Vincent smiled and looked somewhat proud, “I don’t wanna spoil it, but his costume this year is great! We are a pair this year like you and Sophi.”

"Oh? So he is some kinda monster from whatever this," Jay gestured towards Vincent's outfit with a confused look, "is from?"

"Not spoiling it,” Vincent said with a smile, "But if you want to find him, try the food table."

"Your right, I shuuda checked there first. I'll see ya later Vince; try not to knock anythin' over with dat sword."

The food table had no one around it; at least no one of Giovanni's size. Jay had no clue where the large rooster could be. Giovanni was just as tall and fat as Jay is. Out of anyone at the party, he should be the easiest to find. Jay's stomach quickly got the better of him however so he decided to get some food while he was at the table. He grabbed a paper plate and began stacking it with all the types of chips and grabbed a few slices of pizza. Atheana knew exactly who was in the Blot Wings so she knew to get extra of everything. Jay took this opportunity alone to begin stuffing his face, once he started though he heard Giovanni's voice taunting him from behind.

"Yous have got to be kidding me, dat is your costume? Dat is so lame man I can't take it." Jay could hear Giovanni laughing from behind him, "Are youse tryin' to be more like dat actor guy?"

Jay rolled his eyes as finished the slice of pizza he had in his mouth. He then turned to Giovanni ready to hear whatever crappy jokes he had lined up, "Alright Gio get it out n-" Once Jay got a good look at what Giovanni was wearing; he was shocked. Giovanni was squeezed into so much leather it actually looked painful. He wore leather boots that went past his knees. His torso was being tightly compressed by the small belts that decorated the long leather jacket he wore. Its sleeves looked like they were constricting his arms and metal pauldrons rested on his shoulders. Gio's chest was exposed but there was no way that could help with all the body heat he was probably dealing with. The best part was Giovanni's hair; it was styled into really dumb looking anime bangs. Jay couldn't control himself and let out a belly jiggling boisterous laugh; Giovanni was immediately embarrassed.

"What da hell are youse laughin' at?!" Giovanni said sounding a little hurt.

"I'm laughin' at yous! You look like a friggin' overstuffed burrito!" Jay walked up to Gio and gave his belly a poke, "How did youse even fit into dis? It's so tight you look ready to burst out of it! And whats up wid dat stupid hair of yours? Vince looks good in his costume but you can't pull yours off."

"W-well what about youse? Whats wid da Victor suit? Youse already look like a blueberry in dat thing!" Gio's voice got loud, well louder than usual. It was something he did whenever he got embarrassed or upset over something.

Jay calmly shook his head, "Man, dere isn't anything you can say to me dat can top dis. Honestly I was feelin' so bad about my costume, but seeing yours I feel like I am probably da best liookin' guy here! I gotta ask Vince for pics; dis made my friggin' night!" Jay grabbed a cup of punch, got one last look at Giovanni, then strolled off laughing.

Giovanni stood there embarrassed as people looked at him. Some wondered what just happened while a few were laughing too. Giovanni wanted to tell them to mind their own business. But if Atheana found out Gio started yelling at her guests too, she would get pissed and kick him out. He was so pissed off at Jay for insulting his costume like that. Vincent had told Giovanni over and over how cool he looked; he actually believed him too. He bit his tongue over his anger and shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked away. As he did however, he felt a small shape in his left pocket that didn't belong to his wallet. Curious as to what it could be, he pulled it out and found a small vial. It was made of thick plastic and inside was a liquid colored to be the richest shade of blue. Right away Giovanni knew exactly what it was. He shoved it in his pocket earlier in the night when he and Vincent were rushing to get their things together. It was just sitting out on his dresser but didn't want to leave it alone but he didn't have time to hide this in his room; so he just took it. An idea formed in Giovanni's head and he was grateful he didn't leave this behind. With an evil sounding snicker, Gio waited by the food table. Giovanni knew Jay would be wanting a refill soon, he would strike when Jay comes back.

A few minutes had past and just as Giovanni had thought, Jay returned for a refill. He quickly uncorked the small vial and covered the top of it with his thumb. The serum was safe to touch but not to ingest.

As Jay began to refill his glass Giovanni quickly walked up beside him and with a smile said, “Y'know Jay, it sucks to see how whipped you are.”

Jay just rolled his eyes and gave a crappy fake laugh. He set down his glass and turned to Giovanni, "I'm whipped? I think you're are confused man, you're da whipped one here, not me. That leather is so tight I'm pretty sure I could bounce a penny off it."

"Yeah, but I know youse, dere is no way youse wanted to do dis. I remember earlier in da year you were sayin' how much you wanted to go as somethin' cool. I didn't mind wearing dis for Vincent cuz it made him happy. But you don't look happy at all."

"Aww man would ya shuddup? I know you're tryin' real hard to get me back for earlier but it's failin' Gio. In all honesty, it's sad. Now, how about youse go outside and find Vince. I don't wanna be around you when all da belts you have on pop off and go flyin'." With a smirk, Jay took a self-congratulatory drink of his punch. Unbeknownst to him, Gio had snuck some of the blue liquid into his drink. Jay didn't notice the flavor change for he was too caught up in his own victory.

Giovanni faked being mad and pretended to walk away in a huff. Jay was so proud of himself he figured he deserved another slice of pizza. He reached for a slice but was stopped when his belly let out a groan. He did still feel kind of hungry so he grabbed the pizza slice figuring it would stop any future sounds, but just to be safe he grabbed three more slices. Jay saw the couch right next to the food table and sat himself down. He started working on the slices but, he was too engrossed by them to notice that his hands and beak were changing colors. The blue spread too his face and arms; from there it just took off dyeing his body different shades and hues of blue. By the time he was finished with his pizza, Jay was blue from the tip of his spiked pompadour to the bottom of his feet. With a content smile, Jay leaned back into the couch and gave his large gut a few firm pats. 

"Hey man, nice Victor Beauregarde costume!" someone in front of Jay said. Jay looked up to see a crow dress up as a plague doctor, "You even painted yourself blue! How did you do the hair? Dye? Colored hairspray?"

Jay gave the crow a puzzled look, "Whudda ya mean 'painted myself blue'? I didn't paint myself bl-" Just stopped talked when he looked at his hand. It was a darker, more rich shade of blue, He rolled up his sleeve and found his arm had changed colors too. Jay quickly got up and sniffed his punch cup. What should have smelled like fruit punch just smelled of blueberries, "Oh crap! Friggin’ Gio! I knew he was up to someth-" He was cut off by his belly letting out one final groan accompanied by the sound of liquid sloshing inside. Jay looked down and just like he thought, his midsection started to swell.

The crow took a few steps back with his beak agape, "D-Dude what the hell? You're actually inflating!”

Jay's large belly grew even wider and his back grew thicker. He let out a frustrated sigh as the juice pushed his body out. The swelling bird couldn't believe Gio would pull a prank like this at Atheana's party. If he doesn't Get Gio back for this surely Atheana would. Jay's hips and thighs began to plump up as the juice slowly spread. He looked up from his body to notice a small crowd had begun to gather.

Jay thought this would be ok as long as no one shouts something stupid like, "Hey this guy is inflating like a balloon over here!" Some idiot stupidly shouted. With that said more people had begun to gather around Jay.

"Whoa, talk about taking your costume too seriously."

"Heey this is just like the movie!"

"Yeah! He even looks like the guy!"

Jay decided it was best to ignore the crowd and focus on the biggest problem; he had to figure out how to stop this. There wasn't really anything he could do but inflate; unless Gio had some antidote on him. He had a feeling even if Gio brought one there was no way he was getting it tonight. Jay could feel his arms begin to thicken up a bit; he could also feel his belt constricting his waist. The clothing Sophi had made for him tonight was actually holding up quite well. No buttons were straining, no seams were breaking, heck they weren't even feeling tight. However, the belt was another story. It had been stretching at the start sure, but now it was clear to Jay that it was store bought. The belt had created a large dent in the shape of his body as it finally refused to expand anymore. Jay had begun to reach for the belt buckle in hopes of undoing it however, his swelling gut made that quite impossible. This didn't stop the juice from flowing though as gallons and gallons continued to form inside the bird's body. The belt was fighting a losing battle and Jay knew that it would break soon; he just wished it wasn't so uncomfortable. Jay's cheeks had started to puff out; they pressed into his now swelling shoulders. His chest began to expand with his body and soon his neck had been swallowed up.

He looked up into the crowd to see some people had their cell phones out. The sound of clicks could be heard from a few of the phones while others he guessed were actually filming the whole ordeal. 

"Hey don't friggin film me! I better not see any of this onli-" With a loud and sudden "SNAP" Jay's belt finally popped off. The buckle and the piece of the belt it took with it had gone flying into the crowd and hit one poor guy in the head. The remainder of the belt rested behind Jay, longer then it had actually started out as. The sudden rush of space forced Jay's body outwards making the juice surge forward. Glorping and sloshing were easily heard coming from his bloated body, "Oh geez, how much of dat stuff did Gio give me?" Jay quietly said to himself, "I'll be lucky if I even fit in dis house by da end of da night!"

To read Part 2, go to the link here:

Hope you like the picture! :-)