A Blue Halloween (Part 2 Of A Collab) by SWATtheFox

A Blue Halloween (Part 2 Of A Collab)

Jay looked over at the wider sliding glass door to the living room; luckily it was close enough to walk too. There as no time to waste; he had to move now. The thought of Atheana tearing him a new one for breaking her ceiling gave him the strength to start turning. He hated how hard it is to actually move around this late into the blueberry process. It took all his strength just to shuffle his legs in order to face the glass door. As Jay did this he felt his butt hit something and then the sounds of things crashing and spilling were heard.

"Oh son of-" He looked behind him to find the food table had been knocked over by his bloated rear end.

Jay couldn't think about it any longer, ignoring the thoughts of an angry Atheana he began to wobble towards the sliding glass door. Each step felt like he was lifting a lot of weights. Each step made the juice inside him slosh around which in turn made his body jiggle badly. When he finally reached the door he had easily grown two feet wider and now had to deal with the issue of getting through. Even though he was already exhausted he found the strength to step forward and move through the door. Or, at least try to move through the door. Just like he feared he had become stuck in the door frame, quite firmly in fact.

Seeing a massive blue bird stuck in the door had easily gained the attention of the few remaining party guests still outside. Jay looked out and saw the other Bolt wings looking at him. Mirko was shocked. Sergiu was shaking his head as he began to speak into his tape recorder. Vincent had already figured out what happened and was giving Giovanni a good talking too, Giovanni, however, didn't care. The fat bastard had the biggest dumb grin on his face; Jay wished he could go over there and punch it right off of him.

"GIO YOUSE DICK I'M GONNA KNOCK YER BEAK OFFA YA!" Jay yelled as he struggled to free himself.

Vincent and Sergiu went rushing to Jay and began pulling on his arms, he didn't even need to ask for help.

Suddenly the people behind Jay started talking.

"He's stuck. What a surprise."

"I think he needs help."

"C'mon people let's push him out before he breaks the building!"

All at once people from behind him had begun pushing on Jay, "Hey watch where ya grabbin'!" Jay said as he felt someone get a good squeeze of a butt cheek. There was a meek sorry said as a reply from someone in the crowd. Finally, with one massive push, Jay had popped out of the doorframe and began falling towards the ground. He braced himself for impact and closed his eyes but felt only his stomach hit the ground. He looked down and found his chest looking back. Jay had swollen so much that his Torso and waist had fused into one round shade. The tips of his shoes barely made contact with the grass. Jay's arms had been forced to their sides as the inflation started pressing his body outwards. His legs had begun to stretch further and further apart. His arms legs slowly began to disappear into the swelling sphere that was his body. Soon the only things left out of the mass of blue flesh was his head, hands, and feet which all formed small dimples along the surface of his body. Jay was as tall as he was wide now and had easily gone up three or so feet in height since all this started. Thankfully for Jay however, the swelling finally stopped.

Jay was stuck there wobbling back and forth as the juice inside him began to rest. There were a few small "blorps" and "glorps" here and there but finally; Jay's body had calmed down.

"Jay, are you ok?" Vincent hesitantly asked.

"What do youse think Vinny?" Jay let out a frustrated sigh as Vincent got him to stop rocking back and forth.

Giovanni came strutting up to the blue blimp with that dumb grin of his, "Well now, look who took dat costume to heart? I guess youse really are Victor now ain't ya?"

Jay just grumbled as he glared at the rooster, "Gio I swear I'm gonna kick your fat ass so hard you'll be black and blue when I'm done with ya!"

Giovanni just chuckled, "I think youse are da only blue one here."

"Gio, why? Why ruin tonight by doing this Jay?!" Vincent asked obviously fuming.

"He made fun of my costume!" Giovanni angrily replied, "He said I looked lame when!"

"Of course he did Gio, I am sure you made fun of his too, " Vincent sighed, "I swear sometimes you can be such a child. We talked about this, if you are feeling upset over something like that you talk to me or someone. You don't act out like this." Before Gio could respond the belts from his coat finally gave out and his belly had set itself free. His costume was ruined and his belly was exposed, it was plain to see how livid Vincent was, "Great and there goes that money! And you looked so awesome in it too..."

Jay laughed a bit, "Pfft no he didn't."

Vincent sighed, "Jay, I am trying to help you, insulting my costume choice isn't really making that easier. Now, Giovanni give Jay whatever antidote you have on you before Atheana se-"

Vincent had been cut off by someone yelling, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" Atheana came walking around Jay in shock, "The girls and I come out of my room to find the food table knocked over! All the food and drinks that were on it are now staining my carpet! The door frame to my backyard now has a massive round bend to it! AND TO TOP IT OFF JAY IS A FUCKING BLIMP WHICH I AM PRETTY SURE CAN'T BE GOOD FOR MY GRASS!"

"Everyone was silent as no one wanted to be the one to give rise to her wrath. Jay didn't care however and quickly said, "Gio did it."

Like Medusa, the jackal's glare was so chilling Giovanni was pretty much frozen in place like a statue. She rolled up the sleeves of her costume and quickly began pummeling the rooster with mighty blow after mighty blow, "YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR MY CARPET AND MY DOOR!" She yelled through the barrage of jabs. It was quite impressive how affective she was in her high heels, "YOU GOT THAT YOU FAT IDIOT?!"

Giovanni tried his best to defend again her hits but the amazon like Atheana's punches were almost impossible to stop when she was this pissed off, "OW OW! ALRIGHT! STOP ALREADY!"

"OH WHAT THE FUCK?!" Another voice had yelled from behind Jay. Sophi had come up from behind Jay with her brows furrowed, "Giovanni what the hell did you do?!"

Jay just smirked, "Babe, Gio spiked my drink and did this to me."

Again, a glare had frozen Giovanni and Sophi had joined in beating him up; Jay had the biggest grin on his face.

Vincent just watched as he was amazed at how well the two girls were working together. He started to move forward but was stopped by Sergiu. The hawk had placed his hand on Vincent's shoulder and shook his head, "No don't, Gio needs to learn the hard way. Trust me."

With Giovanni on the ground groaning in pain and seemingly out of commission for the night, Sophi turned her attention to Jay and Atheana had begun ending her party and seeing that people had begun leaving.

"Soph, dat was da most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Jay chuckled.

"Oh well y'know, all is a day's work," The tiger smiled as she readjusted her top hat, "Now then what to do with you? I can't get you out of here when you're this swollen...." Sophi looked around and noticed that Atheana's fence was right next to the sidewalk. If that was gone Sophi could just roll Jay a few blocks back to her place where she could juice him privately.

Atheana had finished kicking everyone else out of her house and stood next to Sophi as she examined Jay, "So, what are we gonna do about your boyfriend? This is just like the movie right? How do we juice him?"

Sophi blushed a bit, "Well I think I will just roll him to a hospital, but you wooooon't like my plan to get him out...."

Sophi whispered in her leader's ear and she just groaned and looked at Jay. Atheana went over to Gio and gave him a firm kick in the stomach, "You're paying for my fence too," She then went back into her house and soon came back out holding a well-sized sledgehammer. She stood next to her fence staring at it intently. Then, with one big swing hit the fence and knocked that section down without even breaking it. She slung the hammer over her shoulder and looked at Sophi and Vincent, "Alright you two, get your boyfriends outta here. I need to start trying to save my carpet." With that, she headed back inside and closed her sliding glass door as much as she could.

"Sophi," Vincent said as he began to pick up Giovanni with Sergiu and Mirko's help, "Do you want us to help you? Once we get Gio in the car we can roll Jay down to your place real quick."

"Naw you don't have to do that. I got this covered. Get back to the base safely guys!" Sophi said waving goodbye to them as they dragged Gio away.

Sophi wasted no time after that and gave Jay a mighty push on his side which sent him rolling forward. Luckily for the two of them, the area between Atheana's house and Sophi's house is completely flat, no uphill battle or rushing downhill tonight.

Midway through the trek, Jay said, "Y'know, this outfit youse made held up pretty well Soph! It doesn't feel all dat tight on me and da buttons aren't even strainin'. I do actually look like I could be in dat scene." Jay joked as he chuckled to himself.

"I wasted no expense making that suit!" Sophi proudly proclaimed, "It held up because it's simply the best so of course you... look exactly like Peter!" Puzzle pieces began to fit together as gears turned in Sophi's head, "Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Jay. I have a pretty good idea on how to beat Amberlynn at the costume contest tomorrow."

Jay was instantly put off by the tone of her voice. She always sounded like that when he had some crazy plan, "Oh, I really don't like da sound of dat...."


A beaver dressed as a contruction worker took the stage with a microphone in-hand, "I am proud to present our two finalists! This year again we have Sophi Brontaró with Julius J-Jo-Jovi-a-anos Zéfakis as Willy Wonka and Victor Beauregarde," As the beaver turned too look at them he saw Sophi smiling towards the crowd with a Jay right behind her, he was still a blueberry and was pouting because of it.

"I can't believe you are letting dis happen Soph." Jay mumbled.

"Oh quit your belly-achin', because of you I am finally going to beat Amberlynn! Once I do you will be getting a special treat from me tonight!" Sophi quickly shot him a wink, "Now play it up for the crowd!" Jay once again swallowed his pride and smiled to the crowd, the things he does for love.

"And our other finalists are, Amberlynn and Brittney Lodge as The Mad Hatter and Alice!"

On the other side of the stage stood Amberlynn and Brittney. Despite Brittney feeding her information, Sophi couldn't have anticipated how good Amberlynn's costume was. The long coat and been made up of different patches of fine fabrics sewn together with large but beautiful stitches. The colors, despite being different in each patch of fabric, complimented each other very nicely. There was an old looking button up shirt with an even older looking vest over it. Amberlynn found a way to make it look like the fabric had been aged for years and it added so much to the design. Her leather shoes looked worn down yet were still shiny. The lynx's shoulder-length blonde was tied back into a braid and her hat looked old but was still intact, it's vintage look all but completed her costume. Brittney's outfit was just as well thought out. Too contrast with the darker hues of her own costume, Amberlynn made her sister's dress with bright yet soft colors. A sky blue dress adorned Brittney's petite body as an eggshell white apron had been draped over it. Poking out of the pocket were adorable looking plush toys, a small white rabbit, and a blue caterpillar. Long white stockings covered her legs and Brittney's shoes were shined beyond anything Sophi thought possible. Brittney's long wavy blonde hair only added to the "Alice" look and a black hairband had been placed on her head. Amberlynn didn't just make costumes from "Alice in Wonderland", she brought the outfits to life.

"Alright judges, what will you score the Wonka costumes?" The beaver asked directing attention to the three judges sitting behind an official looking table. The judges each raised a scorecard and Sophi had garnered 28 points.

"Oh Jay That's the highest score I've ever gotten! I am sure to beat Brittney!" Sophi whispered to him."

"And what will you give the Wonderland costumes?" The beaver asked. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Sophi bit her lip, Jay looked nervous, Vincent and Mirko braced themselves in the audience to hear Sophi's yelling. Once the scorecards were raised Amberlynn had gotten a total of 29 points, "AND THE LODGE SISTERS WIN BY ONE POINT! This is Amberlynn's fifteenth consecutive win! Congratulations girls."

As orange and black confetti flew down from the top of the stage Sophi yelled, "OH COME ON! JAY IS LITERALLY A GIANT BLUEBERRY?! HOW COULD I LOSE?!" No one listened to her though.

Amberlynn hugged her sister and jumped for joy, Brittney just mouthed sorry to Sophi. She knew Sophi would be upset next time she saw her at the Athenian base. Vincent got up to go try and console Sophi before Amberlynn tried to say something snarky. Gio stayed in his seat, pouting over the bruises he was now nursing. Mirko just looked shocked again, not at the outcome of the contest but at something Sergiu had told him beforehand.

"I-I can't believe you were right Serg." Mirko said staring ahead as Vincent was trying his best to hold Sophi back.

"I hate that I was though." Serg brought out his tape recorder and pressed play. A recording he made during the Halloween party began to play, "So I have some predictions for tonight, seeing that this year's costume contest has to be in pairs, I am guessing Sophi will go with a Wonka theme since Jay looks like the actor Peter Artino. Sophi will go as either Michelle Teavee or Wonka and She will have Jay go as Victor Beauregarde. Since Gio looks ridiculous in his costume so I assume he will try to make fun of Jay to compensate, Jay will fire back with the mass of ammunition Gio has given him just by being in that thing, Gio will get pissed and prank Jay by turning him into a blueberry since I saw him snag a vial of that blue liquid at the base. Jay will ruin at least one part of Atheana's house, Atheana and Sophi will get pissed and beat Gio up. Sophi will then keep Jay as a blueberry in a desperate attempt to win the contest, which she won't." The sound of Jay saying something could be heard before the tape ended.

Giovanni just crossed his arms, "Aw shuddup!"

"I just have one question," Mirko said turning to Giovanni, "Where did you get something that could do that to Jay?"

"Uhh, I got it from a prank store." Giovanni quickly blurted out.

"But wouldn't that be pretty expensive?"

"It was a prank store in Vegas Mir," Sergiu said, "One that closed down yesterday. Giovanni got it at the going out of busniess sale." Sergiu said, covering for Giovanni and his bogus story.


"Alright, guys I'm back!" Giovanni said as he opened the front door to the Blot Wing's base, "Da store was really crazy but I managed to get da popcorn for da movie...." Giovanni paused as he looked around the base only to find no one. Sergiu said they would still be there once he got back, "Uhh guys? Vince? Serg? Mir? Mir, I got dhose suckers you wanted. Guys?"

Suddenly Jay burst out from behind the kitchen counter and tapped Giovanni's shoulder to get his attention. Once Gio turned around Jay punched Giovanni so hard it knocked him out, "And I got youse a sucker punch ya dick!" Jay said with a smile. He took out his switchblade comb and combed up his pompadour, "Don't friggin do dat to me again!"

A Blue Halloween (Part 2 Of A Collab)


23 November 2017 at 04:14:02 MST

Here is part 2 of a story I wrote for a drawing :iconthe-nocturnal-rodent: did. Find the pic and part 1 of this story herehttps://www.weasyl.com/~thenocturnalrodent/submissions/1570632/a-blue-halloween-collab-w-story

Rattos also did the art for the cover artwork.

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