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Jestering is an Odd Job by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

Jestering is an Odd Job


I subject Galleth to too much sometimes. Only times I've ever drawn mature pics and he's the subject of both of them. I'm not even a super huge Sly Cooper fan I just really like this guy a lot.

Once again, Galleth has been caught being a jester for some queen and you know that potion Merlin used is quite entertaining to use on jesters, and it just so happens Galleth was unlucky enough to be victim yet again. It never ends with him does it?

And looks like he's...having a bit of trouble with keeping it in there. (Y'know because he secretly likes it but this is the medieval times, liking something like this is most unorthodox)

By the way I wanna say this, and this is important, I'm sure there is someone who is wondering "wait I thought you were straight, why are you drawing mature male pics?" and I am still straight. Let's just keep it at that ok?


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    Hopefully he will be juiced back to normal afterwards... or kept as a blueberry forever to be the source of juices