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The Blueberry Bully at Club Juice by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

The Blueberry Bully at Club Juice


Ok so large explanation here.

Tioden has a creation called Club Juice, which he has made pics about (most of them adult in nature) about a blueberry-themed nightclub where patrons go to have blueberry inflation-related fun. It sounds weird because it is but who cares?

Tioden and I have a little thing where Wolf is a regular patron who likes to get berried and is...kinda a bully about it. And by "kinda" I mean "definitely". He's not looking for weaklings to be around he wants to be berried and be as dickish as he is in his profession.

So Tioden, who has had enough with getting complaints about Wolf from other patrons of the club has called over SWATthefox, Shindenwolf and yours truly to help out but...we're all not really all that willing for a few reasons:

  1. Wolf looks like he's too heavy to roll.
  2. He's only getting bigger.
  3. Could he even fit through the door?
  4. It's fucking Wolf O'Donnell, messing with him means getting a target drawn on your back.

So yeah it's a dilemma.

And yes, Wolf is wearing a leather jacket. He has a special leather jacket for his blueberry escapades with his own special logo on the back. That's how serious he is about this!


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    Wow, Wolf has really grown to like being turned into a blueberry

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    I think he looks great like this gives him another pack of gum since he wants it

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    Interesting! I feel like usually you have characters being not so obviously fond of this situation, so this is quite a change of pace! I dig it.

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      yeah, I felt that after having been blueberried for so long that Wolf would've by now started to enjoy it possibly (as odd as that sounds) XD

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        Well hey, if it happens enough times you eventually get used to it, eh? It doesn't sound that odd. X3

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          Exactly XD You have to be introduced to it somehow.
          Plus Wolf generally is not one to be weak on anything either XD

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            True! Hey, if this is gonna keep happening to Wolf over and over, he's the kinda guy who is gonna own it~

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              Exactly. I should do more of his berry escapades now XD show how much he owns it.
              Who knows? Maybe he isn't afraid to parade it around. Who cares if people know that he does it? He's Wolf!