The high crags by themefinland

The high crags


16 May 2018 at 00:30:55 MDT

I had some time to draw something for myself over the weekend and felt like doing something that I haven't drawn in awhile, werewolves!
"Some say that the duke of Vadistok was a lycantrope themselves due to their seemingly intentional indecision and stalling of their culling and hunting. After an especially outraged cleric complained to the church about this, the duke gained the attention of the higher clergy whom demanded that he do something about the situation. Still dragging his heels on the matter, the clergy who now made daily visits to his chambers eventually managed to persuade him to go on a hunt, after threatening that the center of the church would become involved. Next day, the duke and a handful of his guards clad in armor, followed by the clergymen set out to the wilderness. What happened on said hunt is unclear, whether the company was raided by bandits or killed by wild animals, but they never came back".

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    Absolutely badass artwork. I love the detail and texture of the fur, and the general shape of the physique. My only critique being that his midsection, abdominals area looks almost comically thin compared to his hips and shoulders. Otherwise, amazing artwork! Well worth the favorite!