Cheddar cheese by themefinland

Cheddar cheese


17 May 2017 at 10:14:03 MDT


"The legend says that the holes in cheese were created by small creatures known as draggos. These tiny creatures existed a long time ago when cheese was first discovered. After learning of the existence of cheese the hungry and mischievous draggos grew a sort of a liking to this cheese. Wherever cheese was left unguarded overnight these little creatures would find it with their keen sense of smell. They would burrow themselves inside it, creating small tunnels wihin it as they would eat their bellies full. Occasionally some of them would get stuck inside and the others would have to help their poor draggo friend out. They would eat and eat until every piece of cheese was covered in holes and their appetite was sated. The god of food, Faroso, was sleeping through the night after his large feast, but in the morning he was devastated to find all of the cheeses filled with tiny holes! Faroso raged and raged! Demanding to know who did this, completely overlooking the tiny draggos. Ashamed of their overindulgence and scared of Faroso, the draggos disappeared, leaving no trace behind. Or did all of them disappear? Who else could be making the holes into our cheeses? Perhaps they still appear from time to time for their midnight snacks to fill their little tummies full of cheese."

Inspired by the track "Life in clay" by Koloto, this whimsical track gave me this idea while I was riding the train and unlike my normal approach to these things, I wrote the story before I drew this.

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    Thats a funny lore and daww, lil cuties

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    thats so silly and cute lol

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    Ha! So wonderful! <3 <3

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    Cute vermins! etoo... Cute Draggos! :D

    It is rare that I capture my attention and that I like this image, to be very short is a very good drawing and good story, you really were very inspired! xD

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    I think I saw some last night. I left a holeless cheese slice out and next thing I knew, it has many holes inside!