Metamorphosis 4/4 by themefinland

Metamorphosis 4/4


14 April 2017 at 16:44:48 MDT


This was a commission for user who prefers to stay anon.

"The naga and the dragon howled as the transformation came to completion. The dragons mind had been conditioned to become compatible with the amalgamate during its assimilation, the dragon forgetting everything irrelevant that it did not need in its new form. It did not remember what it used to be before nor did it matter anymore as by merging with the naga the dragon had formed into a matriarch of this new brood. Through the dragon the amalgamate learned of several places where other species are holed up, giving the newly formed matriarch a clear destination, a place where it may find more creatures to convert to the amalgamate. With the dragons new intimidating size and form few would be able to stand in its way."

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    This has been one hell of a series, I enjoyed reading each little bit of background information of the amalgamate and its new captive. As per usual your imagination for bringing terrors to life will probably keep my mind intrigued for a while, hopefully not to the point of a nightmare though! Thank you for sharing this with us, and props to the commissioner who proposed the idea!

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      Haha, let us hope that this thing wont invade you in your dreams!

      This was indeed a really fun sequence to create and I am glad it managed to pique your interest.

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        Magnificent storytelling and artistic depiction, mi amigo! That was a hell of a ride!