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I am GoHt. Pronounced as "Goat" (I will not tell you what the name means. If you look around hard enough you'll figure it out).

I spend entirely too much money on art of fictional characters with non-canon proportions. Generally Steven Universe because it's my favorite thing right now. But I like a whole lot of things and the list is neverending, so practically anything could appear in my image gallery.

I do RP, though rarely am I looking for new partners. Feel free to hit me up on F-List though. If I am there, most of the time I'm on Canon City.

Current Projects!

Warframe Story (Saryn x Operator x Heavy Gunner OC).



from $ 9.00
to $ 12.00

Writing is something I want to get better at doing consistently, and I've been using commissions as a method of gaining that skill. I currently have one project that was recently completed that fits my current writing style. While I have other completed projects, I believe this one is a good indicator of my current writing style. I don't consider myself an expert writer, which is why my prices will generally be on the lower/average side. But please, check this journal out when you have the time!

For my first run, I am only going to accept ONE slot. Simply due to me being new to this. I will open it up to two after I am confident in my workflow.


Prices would likely vary depending on the complexity of the scene you wish for me to play out. Due to my writing style, wordcount can fluctuate a bit. Providing me a wordcount limit will not end well simply because those constraints are hard for me to work with. Instead, you would simply send me your idea, the scenes you would like, all the details you think are important, and then I will give you a ballpark estimate of what the wordcount would be. Depending on the price I will ask for a certain amount of it upfront, with the rest being paid upon completion of the story. I will withhold the completed story until I am paid in full.

Prices are based off every thousand words, and are simply ballpark estimates of what you might be paying. Again, it would heavily dependent on the scene you set up.


I am open to most story suggestions, but I do reserve the right to refuse an idea for any reason, even if it's simply because I do not like the idea. As for fetishes present, I am rather open, and my F-List profile listed above is a rather good place to check what I like and don't like. It also happens to have old, old stories that I hate with a passion but might give you at least some idea of what my writing style is. But here is a small selection of things I will not write under no circumstances, just so you don't have to go to another website to find out.

I do not write about:

Vore of all kinds, absorption, etc.
Blood and gore.
Hyper muscle
Hyper fat
Scat and watersports
Diaper fetish
Things of that nature

One thing that is a gray area is rape. It really depends on the scene you have in mind, but generally assume that rape stories are not to be accepted. Dubious consent I am a little more relaxed about.


If for some reason I am unable to complete your story I will refund you in full and will send you the unfinished draft of your work, if a reasonable amount has been completed.

Proofreading will be done by a third-party. However, once the story is complete you may suggest changes after paying in full. Major rewrites might incur an extra charge depending on severity.

I will inform you if I am unable to work on your piece for a significant period of time. If I go on hiatus due to real life issues you may cancel the commission. I will refund you minus whatever work has already been completed.


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