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My Home World -Sailor Memories


10 February 2016 at 23:20:24 MST

Done in 2006. Original Post Comment:

This is Sailor Memories on her home world!
This will be entered in in the Sailor Moon Club!
And also is being entered in the 'RPG Character Contest' hosted by [StarSpirit]

Sailor Information:
Name: Anda, Kimi
Name Meaning: "She Who is Without Equal"
Sailor Identity: Sailor Memories
Element: Time & Memory Keeper
Age: 19

Attacks: Time Flame, Parting of Ways, The Unknown, Perfect Future

Weakness: Not knowing the future and not knowing the past.

Personality: For Kimi Anda, the future is unclear even though she holds the world memories her to bare the weights of all worlds on her shoulders. She is a kind, sweet, normal young girl that loves to hang out with alll her friends and fits in well with all types of groups just like Yuummei Mirai. She always has others on her mind more then herself. She is a great friend that will laydown her life for anyone.

Sailor Memories is a kind hearted soul that keeps Sailor Redsun in check. She looks twords the stars for her answers. Like her name she is the Memory Keeper. She is a a far off relative of Sailor Pluto. Even though Pluto was the time keeper Memories is more of the Memory Keeper instead of time becuse she is to recall all that has gone on before the Unknons time and also remember her time as well.

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