I am a self taught Artist as well as Graphic Designer and Writer. ☀ I am taking classes right now at The Art Institute to get my Diploma in Digital Design. (April 30th 2016) ☀ I will then attend Full Sail University (May 30th 2016) to attain my BA in Web Design & Development.

I have many projects that I can move forward with right now including but not limited to: Short Horror Stories/Comics ☀ Novels ☀ Minecraft Server Projects for

I have been studying in college to enhance my Graphic Design skills. ☀ I have been practicing with all sorts of art mediums. ☀ For Minecraft I have been learning how to run a server and how to use and manage plugins.

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Uploading Oldest Works to Newer Works

on 10 February 2016 at 22:59:35 MST

I will be uploading older works to my newer works. I want to make sure I have another place with all my works. I am uploading all 2015 and older works to the folder Older Works and then the year they where done in. I will be submitting commissioned, trades, etc. to their own folders as well as any Creative Literature, College works, and certain other works that might be around 2015 to maybe a couple years before if they fit what I do today still.

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    So I am transferring my works from deviantART over to here. I have grown to not care for that site as much anymore and I think I would like a better site to submit artwork too. I hope you all like my works, even the older ones I am submitting. Just wait for me to get closer to the 2015 dates. You will see so many more things then.

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    Update 2-11-2016. Done submitting for now. Submitted a small amount of works to Older Works > 2005 & Older and Older Works > 2006. I will continue to submit more later on.