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Personal artwork #6 - The Red Tide by The Evil Fox

Personal artwork #6 - The Red Tide

The Evil Fox

25 July 2015 at 05:56:21 MDT

Drew this on my free time during my armed service and it's heavily influenced by Tom Glancy's book "Red Storm Rising". Best damn book I've ever read.

So here's my unnamed Soviet arctic fox sailor being all proud while a Kirov-class cruiser and some jets pass his ship while under way to kick some kapitalist ass.

The scan turned out a little crappy, I tried my best to touch it up with what little photoshop experience I got.

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    One thing to bear in mind is that the Kirov-class has a forward hull that sweeps 'upwards' slightly, and it's a little longer than this.

    Pretty neat though!

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      Yeah, I'm aware that I got the proportions a bit wrong here, but considering that this is an A5-sized piece of paper, I'd say I did pretty good. The nose numbers were a real pain since they are, like, 1cm high in reality.

      I always loved the combination of reddish-brown and dark blue colours on Soviet ships. Makes them way more pleasing to the eye than their all-grey western counter-parts.