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Tervehdys! Hello! Guten Tag! Привет !

I am a straight Finnish red foxie from multinational background. I'm here to watch and commission artists whose art I deem awesome. I occasionally draw with my limited art skills as well.

I speak Finnish, Russian and English almost perfectly. Don't hesitate to start a conversation in eighter of these if it happens to be your native.

Some things about me:

My own drawings are almost exclusively sketches because I couldn't colour to save my life.

I'm somewhat of an introvert and thus I don't need constant company to stay happy.

My commissions will probably be heavily influenced by my extensive enthusiasm for all things military.

I'll probably be the gun nerd commenting on the guns and examining them from some artwork submission. Annoying everyone in the process.

I take interest in all things vintage. Particularly old vehicles.

I play a lot of wargames. Usually the more realistic, the better.

I am not into MLP.

I'm not a fursuiter but I'd love to try suiting sometime though. It'll be a cold day in hell before I buy a fursuit, to just "try it."

I'm a sci-fi nut and I like to think up designs for futuristic tech.

I'm an absolutely massive armoured warfare enthusiast and served in the Finnish armour corps for a year. (Banner, wink wink) This will probably show in my comissions a lot too.

I seriously appreciate every comment, favorite and watch I receive. If I don't acknowledge one from you with a comment, It doesn't mean that I don't appreciate your attention.
What it means is that I'm eighter too lazy to comment or I just can't think of anything interesting to reply with and I don't want to waste site's server capacity with copy-paste, one-word comments.

Feel free to leave a comment and take care!


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    Scarlet is sure pretty! I love the gun pin up alot :D

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      Thanks a lot! The gun pin-up is one of my favorites as well. Stay tuned, there's more Scarlet to come!